Engagement Session

Let me help you prepare for your Engagement Session

About Your Session


Your session is 2 hours long. This gives you time for a wardrobe change and change of location, if you choose to utilize 2 locations. Your session start time will depend on the sunrise or sunset. Just before or after sunset/sunrise is the best time of day for a photo session. The weather is cool (an important factor in Texas) and the light is less harsh, meaning you'll look your best! 


Where your session takes place is up to you! You can select up to two locations for your session. Please consider travel time between locations as your 2 hours will include getting to and from each location. If you aren't sure of where you'd like to have your session, check out my Locations list for inspiration.


I will only cancel your session due to inclement weather 1 hour before your session begins. At that time we can reschedule your session. 


Posing Guide for Him

  1. Wide Stance (shoulder width)

  2. Toes Out

  3. Straight Spine

  4. Expand Chest

  5. Relax Shoulders

  6. Hands Posed (I'll help with this)

  7. Slightly Extend Neck

  8. Walk Regularly

Posing Guide for Her

  1. Narrow Stance

  2. Drop or Drag a Toe (one flat foot)

  3. Straight Spine

  4. Knees Closed

  5. Relax Shoulders

  6. Hands Posed with space between arm and body

  7. Hip Kicked Out (weight shifted to one leg)

  8. Slightly Extend Neck

  9. Walk Heal Over Toe

what to wear for your session

Be Yourself

I consider myself a Lifestyle Photographer, meaning I care more about capturing people authentically rather than very posed. If you want to dress up more than normal, go for it! These are your photos. But if something really fancy is going to be uncomfortable, wear something casual. Come stylish, just make sure its your own style. 


Don't be matchy matchy. 

You don't have to wear the same colors so don't feel pressured about finding the right color blue shirt to go with a blue dress. 

Look for colors that compliment one another, the way that you two compliment each other ;) 

avoid graphics

Unless there is sentimental reason for wearing graphic tees, I suggest staying away from them because they will date your photo. Solids (and some pattern) are the best way to go for photos.

Also, avoid neon colored clothes. They will reflect that color onto your skin. 

Check the Fit

I don't just mean make sure your shirt isn't too big or too tight, but how your clothes fit in different positions.

Can you raise your arms? Does it bunch when you sit? Is your dress too short when you sit (and you may spend the whole shoot worrying if you're showing a little too much)? I want you to feel good as well as look good.

Tips: Choose one person's outfit and build the other around that one. Don't forget that accessories and shoes can also make your outfit look more amazing. If you don't want to spend time doing an outfit change, layer your outfit and shed some clothes as the session goes on.