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A mini Reunion

The holidays are a great time to have your family photos taken because that's usually when family come in from out of town.

Some times I go out of town during the holidays, but this year I stayed in San Antonio and was able to take a few family sessions around Christmas and New Years. Most of the sessions included family members who were visiting from out of state.

One session was a mini reunion, not just for the family but for myself.

I met Emily through the Junior League of San Antonio. It took me a while to realize we were from the same hometown, Lake Jackson, Texas. Not only that but her maiden name sounded familiar because she was related to someone with whom I went to high school. She was either a senior my freshman year or we just missed each other. So, when she hired me for her family photos over the holidays, I thought "it'll be like a mini high school reunion."

It's not very often that I have a family session with all grown ups. When little kids are involved its easy for everyone because even the most camera shy person loves to dote on the youngest ones and make them center of attention. But this family is proof that it can be done!

We met at Walker Ranch on a beautiful day. They were all nicely coordinated and ready to take some photos! I put Mom and Dad front and center (because without them none of this is possible) for both traditional photos and more lifestyle-like ones where people aren't always looking at the camera or posed perfectly. I even made adult children hug their parents!

It's important to mix up who is in your family photos, too. Get a photo of just dad and kids, mom and kids, siblings, one or both parents with each kid separately, mom & dad alone, brothers, sisters, any combo you can think of you should do it. Everyone in your family is important and you'll want photos with them that you can cherish. They also make great gifts for the holidays. ;)

This family was great to work with and I'm so glad they trusted me with their photos!


Do you have family coming to town for the Holidays this year? Start planning your family photos now. It's the busiest time of year for photographers. Schedule your session early!

Can't wait till the holidays? Are you ready to have your family photos taken this Spring? Fill out my family photo session form to book your session now! Or email me at if you have any questions.



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