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A Retro "SCREAM" Photo Shoot

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Halloween Styled Shoot Scream

What's your favorite scary movie? What if it took place in a different era? Directed by a different director? Would it still work? Would you love it more?

That was the inspiration behind this Styled Shoot I put on with my friend Cass G Photography.

I reimagined Wes Craven's "Scream" as though it took place in the 1960's and filmed by Alfred Hitchcock. It required some studying on my part to see what Hitchcock films shared, what aesthetic his movie stills held that I could recreate, and how to transform wardrobes to fit the era. Also required me to actually watch the movie "Scream". That's right. I had never seen this movie, but for some reason it popped into my head as the scary movie I wanted to use for this year's Halloween shoot.

While watching Scream, I thought about the different scenes I could recreate. The opening scene being my main inspo, I purchased a rotary phone, wig, and wardrobe pieces that fir her look but could have also been worn in the 1960s. I also figured there would have been a lot more smoking involved in the film if it took place in the '60s, but I'm not a smoke. Instead I ordered some candy cigarettes (cannot believe these still exist) and learned a new photoshop skill (smoke overlays). Another thing I learned how to do for this shoot was making fake blood (corn syrup, washable red paint and cocoa powder).

Next, I found others to play Sydney and the Ghost Face.

For Sydney's look we went with more of a Woodstock vibe for her attire. Instead of a gun, we gave her an umbrella (which does get used as a weapon in the film).

**SPOILER ALERT** If you've never seen the movie(s), this post will give away the ending/killer.

Photos of me as the Mod version of Casey (Drew Barry Moore's character) were taken by Cass and edited by me.

What's your favorite movie you'd like to recreate or reimagine for a photo shoot?

The Players

Photographers on set: @cassgphoto @ohtannenbaumphotos @motographytx

Studio: Eleven Hundred Collective (@collectivestudiostx)

Thank you to my fellow model/actors for participating!

Do you want to create a fun Halloween themed photo shoot with me? Check out my calendar or email me to see my availability. Then head over to my services page to book your portrait session!


Laura Tannenbaum is a lifestyle family and portrait photographer in San Antonio, Texas. She loves capturing real life, loving moments between loved ones and showcasing personalities. To learn more about Laura visit her About Page.

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