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According to Abby - Headshot Session in San Pedro Springs Park

On a very chilly, but beautiful, morning I met with Abby at San Pedro Springs Park. She was embarking on a new chapter in life and needed updated headshots.

We both arrived early. We both decided to wait until 8:00 am sharp to leave the warmth of our cars.

San Pedro is a unique spot in San Antonio, with its natural pool surrounded by tall Cyprus trees. It's the oldest park in the city and a popular spot for families during the summer months (or half of the year). Since its usually crowded in the evenings on warmer days, winter mornings are the best time for a photography session.

Abby picked this park because she loves the trees. They're low hanging branches are perfect for sitting on and tempting to climb.

Read more about Abby below.

At the end of 2019, Abby started her own business "According to Abby". She is a content marketing consultant. She helps businesses, new or established, hit the ground running, rebrand, or connect with clients. Her passion is to work with women-owned businesses and leaders in the San Antonio community.

To view her website, click here.


Do you need to refresh your headshots? Do you want to show off your personality in an environment that means something to you? Email me at or fill out my headshots form to book a 30 minute session.

Need more than a few amazing pictures of yourself for your business? Ask me about Personal Branding Sessions or fill out the form here. These sessions are tailored for your needs, whether it be for your website, social media, or printed materials.


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