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Adeline Rose: Maternity to Newborn Photos

As I catch up on my blog posts, I get to relive so many favorite sessions and fall in love with their images all over again. This adorable couple booked me for both their maternity and newborn sessions. Choosing which images to share was difficult and I'm probably over sharing. But the best part of oversharing images in a blogpost is is a good way to show you how YOUR images could look in a photo album, all laid out together, in a way that you can admire them all in one place. I hope all my clients print their images in a way that allows for them to cherish them, revisit them, and share them with others time and time again.

Maternity Session

We met at the Botanical Gardens for their maternity session. No matter how often I shoot at this location, I don't think I'll ever tire of it. There's so much variety, different blooms during each season, it's easy for clients to find and park at, and you don't have to go around the entire garden to get the most out of your session. With greenhouses, orchards, fields, a lake, and more, its no wonder its a popular spot.

And it's a popular spot for my maternity sessions. I've so far only done 3 sessions at the gardens that were not maternity photos. Probably because you don't have to walk very far to get a lot of variety and there are restrooms nearby! Makes it a pretty great spot when your pregnant. It was extremely important for this couple who a little over a week after these photos were taken welcomed home their baby girl!

In-Home Newborn Session

My in-home newborn sessions typically start at 10 am. At this time of the day the sun is high enough to fill a room with a soft light. But not all homes are designed equally and many rooms don't benefit from morning sunshine. This family's home received more light in their bedroom in the afternoon. So, we switched their start time to later in the day.

Their little girl and their pups behaved perfectly! I loved how calm their dogs were and how much they wanted to participate. As I do more and more newborn sessions with dogs, my advice to expecting parents who would like to include their dogs is this: let them have time to get used to my presence and be in the room while we do photos that don't involve the dogs. Once they calm down from all the excitement, we will sneak them into photos. My other piece of advice: don't set your expectations too high. Even if you have highly trained dogs, you can't predict how they'll behave the day of with a new person in your home. Though, well trained dogs are definitely helpful (especially at sit and stay commands).

My newborn sessions are 1 1/2 hours long. Not all families need this amount of time, but it's there in case you or your little one needs it. Sometimes you have to go through wardrobe changes (baby or parents). Sometimes baby cries and you spend several minutes soothing them. Sometimes baby is hungry and you take several feeding breaks (I will take photos during this time if bottle fed, and if breastfed, I will at your request only). And sometimes, there are diaper changes. This little girl went through a lot of diaper changes. So far she gets the award for the most! And that is totally fine! I am right there with you through it all during your session.


Are you expecting? Book your newborn session now! It is always better to get on my calendar and need to reschedule if your due date changes, than to wait and my calendar be full.

Would you like to have maternity photos taken, too? Book my Bump to Baby package! You'll save $50 when you book Maternity and Newborn together.


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