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Ava's First Birthday was a Smash

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

It's hard to believe that one of the first babies I've photographed is now one year old!

Her newborn session will always be memorable for me for a few reasons. I had just purchased a new full-frame camera equipped with me newish 35 mm lens. This meant even in the smallest of rooms I was able to capture more in a photo. I could also get in close to get all those loveable new baby features like toes and belly buttons. The other reason I'll remember her session is I consider it my first, even though it wasn't really. I had just taken an online course for lifestyle newborn session from Elena S. Blair. Although I was already naturally doing lifestyle poses in my business, I learned a lot about how to use natural light in an in-home newborn session from that course. This was the first time I got to put that knowledge to use in a session.

I loved her newborn session even though it wasn't the session her mom had planned. Her big brother was in school (back in the day of in-person learning), dad could only stay for a few photos before heading in to work, and momma was still recovering from birth. But it was perfect all the same. Baby, mom, and grandma spent a very relaxed morning with me as we photographed this lil girl. I left wanting to do more newborn sessions.

And now she's one! And so adorable.

Kids at this age are so expressive. I like to photograph every lil face they make. Goofy, quizzical, laughing, everything. Every emotion matters. So parents, it is okay if you baby doesn't smile for a photo because all of their emotions are beautiful.

But Ava had plenty of smiles to share with us as she examined her first birthday cake. She was a little unsure what to do with it though. Despite mom and brother showing her she could eat it, she was way more interested in the faux flowers and real leaves around her.

Only a few Oopsies

It wouldn't be a cake smash if baby didn't gest some cake on her. Ava had plenty of frosting on her by the time we wrapped up. Partly from the cake toppling over a few times. But those "bloopers" are some of my favorite images from her session.

I hope she loves looking at these images when she's older and treasurers how much her family loves her.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!


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