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Babies and Bluebonnets

Celebrated bluebonnet season with two photo sessions featuring little ones. The first session took place in the middle of March out near Muleshoe Bend. The second session took place here in San Antonio on a very warm April day.

On a sunny, March day, my husband and I drove out to Muleshoe Bend for a photography session with good friends of ours. Their little boy was turning one soon and what better way to celebrate his first birthday than with bluebonnet photos?

When we arrived at the park, however, we discovered it was too early for bluebonnets. Since we made the trip, the five of us still made the most of it with family photos in the park. While sitting on the grass by the river, we could see the stems of future bluebonnets. We were maybe a month early for the Muleshoe bluebonnets.

The drive into the park was definitely misleading. There were several large patches of bluebonnets lining the roads into the park. We took advantage of these patches on our way out. It was high noon, almost no clouds in the sky, and I had no diffuser with me. Not ideal, but we made it work! He was such a happy boy sitting in those bluebonnets, watching the trucks drive by, that the lighting no longer mattered. In the end, the photo shoot was a complete success!

We ended our day together in Marble Falls. The plan was to eat at the Bluebonnet Cafe, but it was extremely busy and was going to close soon. Instead, we went across the street to a family friendly brewery, Bear King Brewing Co. (If you have worked with me before, you'll know that I'm always up for drinks or food after a photo shoot!)

In April, I found a patch of bluebonnets here in San Antonio at McAllister Park. It may not have full a field of flowers, but it was just enough for a photo session with a 20 month year old. The area also allowed for this little girl to run around and have fun during our session. The only downside was (once again) there was not a cloud in the sky and no shade to be found in this large field. My husband held my 32 inch diffuser to help create some shade. You can see the little girl looking up at him in the first photo.

The most important thing was that this little girl was having so much running around the field, examining the flowers, and having her picture taken. She even ran over and sat down right to next to me. We're best friends now.

If you're worried that your children won't sit still long enough to make it through a photo session, I offer 30 minute sessions which are long enough to get a lot of great photos, but short enough as to not tire them out (or bore them). I also encourage kids to be themselves, run around, do poses they want to do, and have fun. We'll get genuine smiles, playful looks, and nice posed ones, too!

I'm always looking for a great place to take photos of bluebonnets that isn't the side of a road somewhere. Do you have a favorite place in the San Antonio area?

Bluebonnet season may be over, but summer brings its own array of colorful wildflowers. If you love frolicking among the flowers, making your family do the same, and being photographed while you do it, message me and we'll make it happen! I offer 30 minute mini sessions for young children and hour long sessions for families.


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