Baby Ava

This was my first in-home lifestyle newborn session in about a year and I was very excited. I had learned a lot since my first new born session and was ready to put my new knowledge into practice. I also had a new camera so I would no longer have to press myself up against walls to fit the family and room into frame. That was also exciting.

In-home sessions take place between 10 am and noon. I reserve my weekday mornings for these to provide more flexibility for the new parents. All I need is a room with a good amount of light coming from a window. The whole session can take place in the master bedroom, the living room, or nursery. If the kitchen has the best lighting, we can do that, too! The house doesn't have to look like it belongs on Pinterest or in a magazine either. As long as its mostly clean in a few spots, that's all I need. I can even help remove any clutter we don't want in the photos. I don't expect too much from my families, especially when they are raising a newborn. It's a beautifully chaotic time and I don't want to add any more stress.

Lifestyle photography merges traditional posed photography with a documentary style of photography. I pose my family and then have them interact with each other rather than look directly at me. The purpose is to create an emotion and connection. When you look back at your images, I want you to remember how you felt in the moment, how you feel when you look at your baby or spouse, not how your hair or clothes looked. Lifestyle doesn't focus on creating a perfect image, but a moment.