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Behind the Scenes at Bloom Photography Retreat

Ever wondered what it is like to participate in a Photography Workshop? Or are you curious about being the model family for a session at one of these workshops? Continue reading and I'll walk you through my experience at this intimate retreat hosted by Bloom Photography Retreats in Waco, Texas.

First, some lingo. I have used several photography terms that you may or may not be familiar with, especially if you are not a photographer.

Model Call - This is when a photographer puts out a request for specific people for a photo session at a specific location with a specific look. A Model Call session differs from a regular one in a few ways. First, it is usually (but not always) "free" for the people participating as the models. In exchange for permission to use the photos for advertising purposes, the models receive a certain number of images at no cost. Secondly, a regular session is all about the client. The images taken at a session are for them. But in a model call, the images are for the photographer which means the photographer has final say in a lot things about the shoot. Which brings to be to Number Three. A model call session has very specific intentions behind the shoot. This can be the number of people modeling - a family of four, a couple, an individual; a location -somewhere new, a lake or the beach, downtown; or a certain vibe or look - models must wear certain clothes, like moody or brightly edited images, be comfortable with PDA, be very active. At the end of the day, a model call is a way for a photographer to capture specific images that they want for their portfolio.

Check out this blog post for an example of a model call session I did with a couple.

Styled Session - A Styled Session is a term used to describe a photography session where the photographer controls a lot of the look and feel. Whether the photographer chooses the wardrobes, props, or backdrop, they are responsible creating an aesthetic rather than the client or model. Many times photographers will team up with vendors (florists, designers, event planners, bakeries) to create a theme and showcase multiple businesses' talents.

Workshop - These are hands-on learning opportunities for photographers led by photographers. It can be for a couple of hours or a full day of education. There is usually a combination of listening to speakers in a classroom setting, watching a photographer's work flow at a session or editing a session, and being able to pick up your camera and shoot alongside other professionals. It's a great way to get immediate feedback and bounce ideas off of your peers.

Retreat - Basically an overnight or multi-day workshop with the same group of people.