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Bluebonnets Maternity session

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

My last session before the Stay-at-Home orders were put into place resulted in some of my favorite photos. The bluebonnets, the couple, the sunlight, everything worked out perfectly.

I'm so happy I was able to fit in this maternity session for these first time parents. Unlike most photo sessions, these are time sensitive. You can't exactly reschedule a maternity session. And for this reason, we went ahead with the session but practiced social distancing as much as we could for everyone's safety.

We met at a new location for me and I have a feeling I'll be offering more sessions here in the future! This couple drove around during their spare time looking for bluebonnet fields for their maternity session and stumbled up the Boerne Skate Park. It's a tiny park filled with bluebonnets.

I imagine under normal circumstances the park would be more popular during golden hour, but with everything going on there were only a handful of families taking bluebonnet photos of their babies, dogs, and one graduating senior. We did our best to avoid others, kept hand sanitizer handy, and I used a lens that allowed me to stay further away than usual. It's definitely difficult to do photography while practicing social distancing. There's a lot of shots that require me to get up close and personal. I wanted to help with posing and setting up the props they brought with them. But, I had to take a step back, hold my breath at time when I needed to get in closer (this was before face masks were required or readily available), and let them set things up on their own. It's also very odd to end a session with a wave goodbye instead of a hug.

This couple made it work! And I'm so thankful for them.

As a Lifestyle photographer, I don't supply props for my session. I may bring a blanket for my clients to sit or lay on if the location doesn't offer nice soft grass, but otherwise I focus more on interactions than anything else.

However, if a client wants to incorporate props into their photo session, they are more than welcome to do so. First birthdays, maternity, and other sessions making an important announcement are great examples of when the addition of a few props makes total sense. This couple brought a whole set up with them to their holiday session to announce their pregnancy. So it was only fitting that they brought along some items for their maternity session.

If you're thinking about adding some items to a maternity session, baby shoes are a must. It's a simple prop that can be used in many ways.

Baby clothes are another option, especially if you are gifted with a onesie with meaning or have a family heirloom you plan on passing on to your children. This couple displayed their baby girl's clothes on a clothes line.

In addition to the clothes, they brought along some baby blocks. These were used to spell out "baby" and their little girl's name (which is a secret until she arrives).

What are some of your favorite props that you have used or would love to include in a photo session? (Doesn't have to be maternity.)

Again, my heart goes out to all the expecting parents during this time. I hope things become safe again real soon so we can celebrate your little one's arrival with an in-home photo session!


Are you expecting a little one? The best time for maternity photos is when you're around 30 weeks pregnant. It can be scheduled earlier or later depending on how comfortable you feel and how much of your belly is showing. There's no right or wrong time. In fact, you can have a session the week or two before your due date!

If you'll be around 30 weeks pregnant after May 30th it should be safe to book your maternity session now! I offer my sessions in the early morning, within one hour of sunrise, and evening sessions, one hour before sunset. These times not only offer the best lighting, but it'll be the coolest time of the day. In south Texas, that is very important!

Check out my blog post on locations to start planning where you'd like to capture this amazing moment in your life! Summer is a great time to venture out to parks with rivers and creeks where you can wade into the water and help stay cool. One option is Cibilo Nature Center

If it's safe to do at the time of your session, I'll offer in-home maternity sessions as well to help avoid the heat. All you need is a room or two with a lot of window light.


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