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Child portraits can be anything you want them to be and taken at any age. They can take in nature or an urban setting. My goal is to let your kid's personality shine in their portrait session.

One kid got to do exactly that for his 10th birthday photos.

The plan was to meet at Modern Essex City and use all of the colorful murals and graffiti art as his backdrop. But we weren't able to meet on a day when the Essex was open, so we made do with the street art in the neighborhood around the Essex.

Hoefgen Avenue is lined with large, colorful, dramatic murals. It was the perfect backdrop for two young boys. The birthday boy and his younger brother stood in front of, acted out, reacted to, and just acted themselves in front of these pieces of local art. The murals change, too (if you look up the street on Google Maps, you won't see the same murals as pictured here), making it a great spot for future sessions .

These kids have so much energy! And I don't mind letting them burn some of that energy off during a photo session. I rarely make a kid stand or sit still if they don't want to. Or at least for not very long. So these guys got to make funny faces, run, mess with each other a bit, play thumb war (cause why not?), and later provide piggy backs. They may not be traditional portraits, but I think they express who these boys are right now.

It was an unusually warm day when we met, and the sun was still high in the sky, so we moved to a second location pretty quickly. We desperately needed an A/C break. We got into one car and drove over to Montana and Cherry St ( near Kuriya Cherrity Bar) for a few pictures with the Tower of America in the background.

Brothers at their finest.


If you'd like to mark a milestone in your child's life, book me for a Children's Portrait Session! They are only 30 minutes to match many younger kids' attention spans.

Did a milestone pass (or will it) during Covid-19? Let's celebrate anyways, once we can safely be together again!

In the mean time, stay safe and healthy. If you can, please stay home. If we all our part, the sooner we can all go back to work and regain normalcy in our lives. Thank you!


Looking for a way to support my small business during this time? Please consider book a session in the Fall or Winter, like my Facebook Business Page, share my page with your friends, leave a Facebook Review, follow me on Instagram, or buy one of my prints from my gallery. All of these gestures help my business grow and lifts my spirits!

Thank you!



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