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Children's Documentary Style Portrait Session

My portrait sessions for kids lean heavily towards documentary style of photography. I don't have props set up or chairs for them to sit on. I rarely have them pose for the camera in a specific way. Instead I let them wander, explore, play, and look at my camera with multiple expressions beyond just smiling.

This sessions at the San Antonio River in Southtown, near the Bluestar Arts Complex was more of a documentary session that most of my children's portrait sessions have been so far.

Since I don't have any children of my own, I can't speak to what types of images parents frame to hang on their walls or a bookshelf, or which ones end up in a photo album, or which ones live on their phones or social media. But I hope these photos that capture a moment, an action, a real emotion make it somewhere special.

Family photos have evolved a lot since the camera became an item found in every home. It's even evolved a lot since I was grew up in the 80s & 90s. But no matter style, photos of your loved ones are always treasured. Your kids will also love looking back at photos of themselves when they were little. You can only remember so much from that time of your life. The things you did, saw, laughed at, was hurt by, found amazing all disappear as you grow up. Photos capture those moments.

For this session, we chose a spot C was familiar with and loved visiting with his family. It was a part of town where he would feel comfortable and come out of his shell for our 30 minutes together (which may have been stretched a bit since we had to walk back the way we came). We started at one of my favorite river spots - the stone bridge. But before we crossed the raging river, this sweet little boy picked two flowers for girls he is friends with from class.

That precious moment was followed by jam packed adventure! Crossing rivers, climbing rocks, getting one's feet wet (on accident, which he didn't like), then scootering up and down the river! Once he was able to ride his scooter around, he was no longer shy around me but showing off his skills.

But there were more precious moments to come! We took time to look at the ducks, an overturned turtle (who turned himself right way up again), and butterflies. My favorite moment is when he went to point at a big monarch butterfly and touched it before he flew away. His surprised face was so sweet! I hope he looks back at these one day and thinks "Man, I was a cool kid. And my mom was cool for letting these be my photos celebrating turning another year older."

What kind of session do you prefer to have for your kids? Are you interested in a documentary style photo session with your children? Book your session today and we can plan some fun together!


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