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Donuts & Cake Smash

When your mom loves to bake, you're not only going to have a birthday cake, you're going to be surrounded by baked goodness on your first birthday.

The cake for this little girl's first birthday was homemade with love. The donuts came from HEB because there were so many donuts. The variety gave baby girl a chance to try differently flavors and she seemed to like them all. The best part (for me at least) was that were some left over. That meant I left the session with donuts!

I love a cake smash session because they are fun for everyone involved. The parents love watching their kid trying something new for the first time. The kid enjoys eating sweets. And I am able to just let the kid be themselves. I let them do their thing as I move around them taking photos of their wonderment, joy, curiosity, mischief.

If you're debating whether or not to do one of these, I say "why not?" And though they are usually done for first birthdays because it's their first cake, if you want to incorporate a cake for their other birthdays, I say go for it! It does not have to be a big set up: just your kid, a blanket, a cake. Maybe they prefer ice cream, or cupcakes, or watermelon. Make it special to you and your kid and you can't go wrong.

Here are some tips if you plan on doing a cake smash!

First, bring some helping hands. I do not provide a set up for my photo sessions (Whether it be family, portrait, or newborn) but I welcome props if you wish to bring them for your session. The setup time, however, will take place during your session time. To make the setup go faster, bring a friend or relative to help you if you are bringing several items.

This family has both parents, grandma, and auntie helping set up the display. Many hands for many donuts! Having some extra hands also means someone is always able to hold your little one while the others get the cake ready.

Second, choose your cake stand wisely. Cakes almost always fall over when placed on a cake stand if not on solid ground. If you plan on having your session outside surrounding by nature, plan on bringing something sturdy and level to go underneath the stand. Or, choose a stand that is already low to the ground and less likely to topple over easily. Of course, you can always forgo a stand completely and place it straight on a blanket or mat.

Third, there will be a mess. Always. There will be icing smeared across their face, in between toes, fingers, leg rolls, and smooshed all over their clothes. Be okay with letting them get dirty. Don't dress them in anything you would hate to get dirty.

This little one couldn't keep her feet off her cake. Those little dancer legs were kicking, patting, touching that cake the entire session. Then, once the cake was on the ground, she ended up sitting right on top of it!

Lastly, be prepared for the Clean Up. Your going to need extra baby wipes, paper towels, a trash bag, extra change of clothing, a bag for dirty clothes and blanket. Cake will get everywhere.

I'm also a proponent of "Leave No Trace Behind" so I will help pick up cake morsels so that animals do not eat the sugary left overs. I'll also ensure no trash is left, too.

Are you interested in celebrating your little one's birthday with a cake smash or some other event to celebrate their big day? Book a Children's Portrait Session and let's start planning!


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