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Engagement at the Gardens

The days were getting warmer here in San Antonio, making it the perfect time to start taking engagement photos. The day this couple picked, however, ended up being the first day of another cold front. Luckily, the Botanical Gardens have indoor spaces so our couple could stay warm while sporting spring-time clothing.

We started our session in the Lucille Haisell Conservatory exhibits. The first exhibit provided a beautiful tropical background for our couple, and some warmth. Next, we spent a few minutes in the dessert room with the huge cacti. The warm tones with splashes of green are great for those who love earth tones. We attempted some shots in the exhibit featuring palms, but the narrow passages make it a little difficult. The staircase is a nice feature though. Before leaving the exhibits, Catie & David took a short stroll and dance through the Orangerie. These were some of my favorite photos. I didn't even prompt them to start dancing!

There are so many sections in the Gardens that we could have spent hours there shooting, but we only had an hour to work with before closing, so we quickly made our way to my favorite spot: the East Texas and Pineywoods Lake area. No matter the season, this section is beautiful with the lake, large trees, benches and wildlife. Without walls to keep us warm, we decided not to linger too long here. Instead we ventured into the "Hill Country" for some photos with the early blooming cherry trees. These were some of my favorite shots from the session. The blossoms give an ethereal feel, making every photo even more romantic.

I love shooting at the Botanical Gardens for its variety in backgrounds. You can easily go from tropical, to woodsy, to floral within one hour without having to change locations. There's also no fee for photography. Another plus is its location within the city.

After spending a chilly afternoon at the Gardens, the three of us grabbed drinks at the Pearl and warmed up inside the Sternwirthe (located inside Hotel Emma). I'm always down for a post-shoot drink by the way! Whether its coffee or something a little stronger.

Here are some of my favorite shots from this engagement photo session. If you're recently engaged or know someone who is, send me an email and schedule your photo session with me! I'm willing to travel to the location of your choice!


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