Family Photos at Home

Did you know you can have your family photo session take place in the comfort of your own home or backyard?

I already do newborn sessions inside families' homes, but I've also done a few family sessions, too. Sessions at your home are a little bit different than when they take place at a park or public place.

So how do you decide whether you want photos at your home?

At Home Sessions are Less Posed

When you have your family photos take place at your home there's a lot more documentary style images. Kids tend to be really relaxed when they're in their own backyard and want to play or show me (their new photographer friend) all of their toys. This can make for great documentary photos: your family playing together, sitting together, doing a normal routine or planned activity.

Photos taken at beautiful locations are always special and make for great wall art and holiday cards. Photos taken at your home are perfect for photo albums. These images are the ones you treasure for years to come. They aren't just pictures of your family but your home. They are a glimpse into your life. If you want to remember what your life was like in this moment, when your kids are at a certain age, when they enjoy certain activities that they may grow out of, when you owned certain furniture or toys, then documentary photos are the best way to do that.

If you're looking for all posed photos, then I do not recommend having your session at your home. Convincing little ones to pose f