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First Birthday

I had the pleasure of taking commemorative photos along the River Walk in South Town to celebrate a little girl turning one this Spring.

The first time I photographed this darling girl was for "Deck the Cards". It was wonderful to see how much she has grown since last year. She is still very expressive and photogenic. Although, this time around, she was not very happy to be in front of the camera. You'd never guess that she would cry every time her parents sat her down. Despite the tears, she was a trooper and we managed to get some great shots.

We started our session near the Johnson Street Bridge, along the river, in Southtown. It's a short walk from Brick Blue Star Complex and is a beautiful stretch of the River Walk. Near this spot is also a Monarch Waystation which luckily had some flowers already in bloom.

After having her sit in a few different spots - the grass, the sidewalk, the monarch area - we decided to walk back towards the Brick. It was a quick 30 minute session since anything longer would be too much for such a little one. But, before we finished completely we took advantage of the location and I captured few family for them.

Check out some of my favorite photos from this First Birthday Photo Session! If you'd like to capture your kid's birthdays email me at!


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