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Foster Dean

This little one was my first in-home newborn session since returning to work after shelter-in-place orders began back in March. Their maternity session was one of the last ones I did before having to take a break, too. I'm so happy the timing worked out for this family as they welcomed their first child!

This future Aggie is entering a home full of love, not just from his parents but family and friends. He has an amazing support group in his life. He's also been blessed with some rambunctious and sweet cousins.

His father wore his A&M face mask for a few photos in the beginning to mark this crazy time in our world. For the rest of the session, only I wore a mask. As a non-Aggie, I would not have picked up on the color of his onesie being Aggie maroon if it were not for the mask. Foster Dean did change into another onesie later in the session, the one he wore in the hospital, but spent most of the session sporting his Aggie pride.

If you want your newborn to wear multiple outfits, or no outfits at all, that is perfectly fine with me. There is plenty of time during your session to allow for changes and any crying that happens because of those outfit changes. I do suggest taking a few bare-skinned photos if you want to capture details like their tiny toes, baby rolls, tuffs of hair, and belly button. In the ends, it's up to you as these are your images.

I love the sign they incorporated into some of their photos. Having his name, weight, size, and the date of the session is such a great idea for when they look back on these photos. I also loved all the buffaloes in his room.

This was my first time incorporating a furbaby in my newborn session. I hope to have more in the future as I learned a few things from this one. So if you want to include your animals in your sessions, let me know and I'll be sure to have my squeak toy on hand. They actually had two dogs, but the other one (also a large pup) had to spend the session outdoors as he was a little too hyper for photos.


To book your in-home newborn session (or "not-a-newborn session for those who couldn't during Shelter in Place), check out my calendar for your preferred date. Then fill out my Newborn Session Booking Form.

For the month of June, I am accepting a limited number of sessions so book yours before my available dates fill up!

I'm looking forward to photographing your growing family!


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