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Grayson's Rainy Day Newborn Session

On a rainy morning in October, I photographed this lovely couple's little boy. Their newborn lifestyle session was a perfect example of how baby runs the show.

Grayson was very hungry when he woke up from his nap so we spent a lot of his session letting him eat. We took many photos of mom and dad sitting together, feeding him his bottle. A very real life moment frozen in time for them to remember as he gets older. A few images not shown here include grandma helping feed and change him, too. Because often times the behind the scenes are the most real life moments that occur during any photo session. Plus, as someone who lost their grandma this year, those photos are precious to everyone pictured.

Grayson also got to experience a few wardrobe changes, which he took on like a champ: from his blue onesie to pumpkin hat and booties to his outfit to match mom. I'm a little jealous of his pumpkin beanie. Not gonna lie.

Welcome to the World little one!

When its gloomy out during an in-home newborn session, a lot of photos take place as close to a window as possible. Making the most of what little light is available is essential. If your home is scarce on natural light or if its raining on the day of your session, be prepared to be next to a window. This may mean sacrificing some images you hoped to create, but it could be an opportunity to try something new. If there's a room in your house with a lot of natural light but isn't the nursery, think about having your photo session take place in that room instead.



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