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Happy 2nd Birthday!

Earlier this year I photographed this energetic girl in a field with bluebonnets to mark her turning 20 months old. In July I photographed her again to celebrate her second birthday.

The "terrible twos" does not describe this goofy child (at least not when she's in front of the camera). She is ready to explore and examine the world around her. She'll probably be giggling as she does, too.

I met her family along the river at the Pearl early one weekday morning. By the time our 30 minute session was over we were already sweating thanks to the summer heat. But the warm weather didn't stop this new toddler from having a good time.

The world is at her feet and she's ready to run around and see it all. Moments where she sat still were few and far between. Sometimes she's run off with the balloon and other times she left it behind, as though it was weighing her down, keeping her from being where she wanted to be. That place usually included a dog on a walk.

I'm looking forward to photographing her as she reaches new milestones in her life.

Happy 2nd Birthday!


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What a sweet birthday girl! Great photos!

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