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Holiday Minis 2019

I hosted three Holiday Mini Sessions in November 2019. Each at a different location to accommodate people living all around the San Antonio area.

My first holiday mini was in 2018. I chose to do them all at Breckenridge Park. I loved the scenery so I once again used this park at an option. Then I needed to choose two more. A mini session location needs to have parking, easy access, and offer a location that does not require my clients to walk too far. I need to be easy to find when clients arrive. Brackenridge had a bit of a walk but plenty of landmarks to guide people to my location. After visiting a few different parks, I decided to use Hardberger (my Father's Day minis location) and Walker Ranch Historic Landmark (a first for a mini session locale).

Here's a highlight of my 2019 Holiday Mini Sessions! Let me know which location is your favorite.

(Not everyone who participated chose to sign a release so they are not pictured)

Minis at Hardberger Park

I ended up having two days at Hardberger Park. I try to be accommodating to my clients as much as possible. Two families were sick on the day of their scheduled session so I agreed to meet with them on a different day. The first day was overcast, which I love shooting in. The light is nice and even and creates a moodiness that is hard to replicate on sunny days. It also made the day loo colder than it really was. The second day was nice an sunny which offered wonderful sun rays and a touch of warm glow.

Most of the families were repeat clients. The family in the middle were first time clients and I loved their laid back approach to family photos. Their little girl was adamant on choosing her outfit that morning and they let her. She does not shy away from a print. I loved it. The moment and memories captured in a family photos mean way more to me than what my clients wear anyways (though I won't complain when you come dressed in cute outfits).

Speaking of cute outfits. Look at that mustard yellow onesie with leopard print shoes. I was obsessed.

There was a lot of running around during the sessions with little ones. Those girls are active, funny, and some of my favorite kids to photograph.

Minis at Brackenridge Park

The morning of minis at Brackenridge was by far the coldest of the three sessions. It was so cold, there was steam rising from the river. Made for some beautiful photos for my families. Its a usual sight on cold November days at Brackenridge, so if you want this effect in your family/children/branding photos, book a session early in the morning in the winter with me!

My families braced the cold head on and you wouldn't know it was in the 30's based on their expressions and Texas-winter wardrobes. Other than the steam, the only way you'd know it was chilly was my blanket got used for more than just sitting on. We wrapped it around one of the little girls to keep her warm before and after her family photos.

If you'd had a family session with, you'll know that I let kids be themselves and have a lot of say in what they do and do not want to do during a session. It can be rough smiling for photos, being up early, being cold, and wearing fancy clothes. So I give them some control over the situation and let them pout, shy away into mom's arms, or run around and be silly. Since minis are only 15 minutes, I bring something for the kids to hold and play with if they're feeling uneasy or antsy. Fake Christmas presents. I tell them they're empty so they aren't disappointed but most kids have fun throwing them up in the air or giving them to their parents.

Minis at Walker Ranch

I had several people sign up for the minis at Walker Ranch. I only have signed releases from a couple, so you'll have to take my word for it.

I appreciate everyone who came out to a new spot with me. I had photographed a session or two here prior to this but had never done a mini. There were two families with little ones, one with a newborn baby boy, and a couple who participated. I hope everyone was pleased with the results and enjoyed their time.

The bridge at Walker Ranch is a major selling point. Don't you think?

Thank you thank you thank you to all who came out for my Holiday Minis! It means a lot that you would entrust me to capture your family and your holiday card photos.

I look forward to seeing you all again either during the year or at my next Holiday Mini Session!


Interested in having your own family photo session? Head over to my services page and fill out my Family Photo Session Form to begin the booking process.

If you're interested in a mini-session, stay tuned for my next available offering in March for Mother's Day!



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