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A Cozy In-Home Couples Photo Session on a Rainy Texas Day

Don't let gloomy, cold, or rainy whether deter you from having your photo session take place! Move your session from outdoors to indoors. An in-home session has its own charm and benefits.

This sweet couple took part in a model call I had advertised. I wanted to check out a new location downtown to see if it was a viable option I could suggest to couples for engagement photos or just for fun. The area was colorful and close to an art museum, brewery, and restaurant, providing all kinds of fun opportunities for us to explore and test out.

But Texas weather had other ideas. You never know what you'll get in Winter here in San Antonio. It could be 80 degrees one day and freezing the next. Sunny all week then raining all weekend. Storming in the morning and beautiful in the evening. It's why I wait until the day before or day of a session to reschedule for weather. In this case the forecast called for freezing temps and rain and it would not budge all week leading up to their model call session. So we made the decision to switch gears and move indoors.

In-Home as Plan A or Plan B

After seeing this session and learning about the benefits to having your photos taken at your home, you may want this option as your Plan A. When you book your next session you may say "I want my photos at my home." Or you may be open to the possibility that your home can become your Plan B and avoid having reschedule. Either one is okay. (And if you like the in-home look but don't think your space is a good fit, consider a Studio session.)

What You Need for an In-Home Session

All you need is one room with one decent-sized window. That's it.

Your session can take place in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or den. As long as there is a window letting in some good light, your space will work. The size of the room depends on how many people are in the photo. For couples, you do not need a lot space at all. Families require more space since I need to also fit. If you aren't sure on your space, I'm happy to look at your home via photos, a zoom call, or in-person to help give you an idea of which room, if any, will work for your vision.

For this session, we were in an apartment and used two rooms, and were able to get everything we needed and more.

We also only moved furniture around when needed. I'm happy to help clean up a little or rearrange items to make your space more effective for your photos, too.

Benefits to In-Home Photo Sessions

(1) Rain or Shine

One of the main benefits to having your photo session take place in your home is that weather doesn't matter. It can be raining, windy, cold and your session can still take place. Unless its storming and dangerous for me to drive, your session will proceed as planned.

(2) Save Time and Stress

How nice would it be to not have to drive to a location? Using those 20 to 45 minutes that would have been spent on the road, to finish getting ready sounds nice, doesn't it? If you session is in the morning, that could mean extra time for sleeping or enjoying your coffee. In the evenings it means you avoid rush hour traffic. If driving stresses you out, by staying home you can avoid all of that in be in a relaxed mood. You also can't be late when the session takes place at your home. (You may not be completely 100% ready, but you're there!).

(3) Comfort

There are a few ways that being in your own space can make you more comfortable for your photo session.

First, literal comfort. You can wear comfy clothes like sweats and socks and it'll match your environment. Instead of sitting in a field or on a bench downtown, you get to be on your couch or bed. You have access to blankets and sweaters that you can easily include or remove. You won't have to worry about items like keys, wallets, or phones in your pockets because they'll be in safe place in your house.

Second, access to things. Need a restroom break? You have your own right there with all of your toiletries at your access. Need a mirror? You got it! Want to check your teeth, hair, makeup? Easy. Want to wear 2 outfits but don't like the idea of changing in a pop-up tent/your car/public restroom? You can just go into your room. Want a snack or drink? Not only do you have access to your entire kitchen but you can incorporate enjoying your favorite drinks or food during your photo session.

Third, privacy. If you're like me and don't like an audience, being in your home can help you feel a little more relaxed. Whether you need to change clothes or want to incorporate some more intimate poses with your partner, being surrounded by four walls and having full control over your environment allows you to do things that you may otherwise feel uncomfortable doing in a public space.

Lastly, environment. It's YOUR space. Being in front of the camera is a new experience for many people and its completely normal to begin a photo session a little nervous. Add a new space or other people, and that may be too much for some people. But when you're at home surrounded by your things, its a lot easier to ease into our comfort zone. And though I assure my couples and families that they'll be comfortable with me within a few minutes, having that comfort come quicker may be exactly what someone needs.

If you're someone who can become anxious with too many unknowns or if you have kids who may be too stimulated by new or crowded places, being in your own space can help ease those anxieties. You know exactly where you're going and don't need to worry about parking (something I struggle with and why I scout a location before a session).

The Session

This adorable couple was recently engaged when they answered my model call, but you don't need to be celebrating anything in particular to have fun, professional photos taken with your partner.

My photo sessions incorporate a mix of fun photos with lots of movement. Be prepared to laugh and be a little silly together. Rather than perfectly posing you, I want to great opportunities for you to be yourselves and interact with each other in a way that feels natural to YOU. These two made each other laugh a lot and were open to try anything I asked them to do. It led to some beautiful moments that really reflect how much joy and love they bring to the other one's life.

Want to do an activity at your session? Let's do it! In fact, I encourage it. In-home activities can include anything you love to do together. That can be board games, drinking coffee, reading, playing music, cooking or baking, drinking wine, and more. These drank some wine and snacked on popcorn.

But if you want something a little more romantic, we can slow things down and create moments where it'll feel like its just the two of you. Whether you're snuggling up on the couch, holding each other's hands, tickling each other, or wrapped in each others embrace, I want my couples connecting. And these two nailed it. From cute to steamy, their gallery was everything I could hope for from their session.

Next time there is rain the forecast or freezing temps for the day you plan on taking photos, ask if you can move your session to the comfort of your home.


Are you ready to book your next photo session in the comfort of your home? Visit my services page here.

On your inquiry form for the session of your choice, let me know you'd like to have your session at home!


Laura Tannenbaum is a San Antonio family and portrait photographer. She loves capturing real life, loving moments between loved ones and showcasing personalities.

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