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KH Literacy Education Celebrates her Newest Book

My good friend Kristen is celebrating her second published book!

We met in early summer to take photos for the book she was writing. Copies of her new Book "The Intentional Classroom" arrived not too long ago! This was a good reason for another photo shoot!

We used the beautiful conservancy at Hardberger Park as our backdrop for this session.

Even though it was still technically summer time when we took these photos, we took advantage of the golden tones to fake some fall photos. She thew on a jacket and scarf and voila photos perfect for the autumn!

If you own a business and promote your business online, either through a website or social media, consider updating your images every time the seasons change. Spring and summer are times for vibrant, colorful, bright imagery. Whereas fall and winter invite warm, darker images that evoke a feeling of coziness. Match your photos to the seasons and tap into what your clients are already feeling.

Kristen now has several photos she can use to not only promote her books, but to update her website and fill her Instagram with warm, fall inspired photos during the next few months. She is now all set to promote her new book throughout the fall!

Interested in her new book, The Intentional Classroom? You can purchase it on Amazon. Click here!

Check out the variety of images we took during her session. Headshots and Branding sessions can be about more than just photos of you in a "power pose". It's about showing off your personality, your business, your products.

Find out more about what Kristen Henry: Literacy Education & Instructional Leader has to offer!

Follow her on social media: @KHLiteEducation on Facebook and @khliteracyed on Instagram

Buy her first book Guiding Questions: Productive Conversations and Planning for Instructional Coaches, Administrators, and Teachers

Visit her website:


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