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Lizzy & Oliver

One of my first sessions since reopening my business was this fun engagement session! We were lucky to have a break in the many days of May rain and thunderstorms for this session, too. The timing was great! No rain, perfect sun rays, almost no bugs, and before the 100 degree temps decided to visit San Antonio. What more could one ask for?

168 Days Until their Big Day

I love a good countdown to an important day. Of course, it was 168 days till their wedding when we had their photo session. Now it's even closer!

Since we forgot to take photos with different numbers written on their sign, I did edit some of their images to include a blank sign. As their day approaches they can fill in different numbers, which should be pretty easy in most photo editing software or on social media.

I'm excited for these two as they begin their life together. I met them through the bride-to-be's sister, a friend of mine from my law school days. These sisters are so cute. They laugh exactly the same! I had to do some double takes every time I heard Lizzy giggle because I thought her sister was fact she was there! Her sister came to help set up their picnic props and watch their lil pups while the couple and I strolled through the park. It was a nice little reunion for us, especially during Covid times when I haven't seen so many friends in person.

Aren't they adorable?

A Stroll Through the Park

I have mentioned it before in other blog posts, and I'll mention it again. I love finding new places for photo sessions! Thanks to these two I found a new spot! Lizzy discovered this stretch of Salado Creek Geenway when out for a walk with her sister. It's pretty magical.

This portion of the Greenway has a lot to offer in a small area, making it great for photography sessions. A short walk from the parking lot (always a bonus for a location), is trail covered with draping Spanish moss, patches of for sitting or lying down, and a bridge. I love a good bridge, too.

We had such a nice stroll, taking photos along the way, as the picnic was set up for these lovebirds.

Picnic and Puppers

Who doesn't want to drink a lil champagne in a beautiful location? What a nice way of cooling off on a hot summer day. They even brought some refreshing fruits to enjoy. Food and drink is not just for show during my sessions. Enjoy what you bring! I'm in no rush during your session so there is always time to take a breather and relax in between photos..or I'll just be like your personal paparazzi and stand in the bushes as I continue taking pictures of you having a nice time.

During the photos with the dogs, my friend / Lizzy's sister, stood behind me with a dog squeak toy (which I keep in my bag) plus some picnic cheese trying to get the dogs' attention. You can tell she did a very good job!

Cheers to these two!

I wish y'all the best and can't wait to celebrate with you on your big day in less than 168 days!


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