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Maternity Session at the Gardens

Before I share the Maternity Session Photos...let's go back a few months!

Last year I had the pleasure of being part of a gender reveal party. I've photographed many milestones in this family from a brother's wedding to nieces' birthday photos to welcoming a newborn. I enjoy everyone working with everyone in this family and am so grateful they ask me to capture so much of their lives.

Sara and Chris hosted this party at their home with close friends and family. Decorations were so cute and festive. Guests were also asked to pick whether they thought the couple would be expecting a boy or girl. I secretly guessed Boy by the way.

Before the big reveal, friends and family gathered over food and drinks and watching football. During this time, the nieces, who I've photographed for birthday and family photos, are besties and sooo adorable.

When it was time for the reveal, confetti poppers were passed out to everyone. We have Sara and Chris stand in the middle with friends and family on either side of them. I got into place and started the countdown.

There's something about watching people receive good news and seeing their faces light up in the moment. And I captured each second of their pure joy.

Now let's jump ahead to Spring 2020! (or should I say "let's spring forward?")

Their maternity session was booked far in advance for March, the day after I got back from a family trip to West Texas. They picked the Botanical Gardens, which I was excited about because its beautiful in the Spring.

Little did we know that the Covid-19 crisis that was sweeping Asia and Europe was going to be here and in full force when their session date arrived. A lot changed across the nation and in our city while I was in West Texas but we decided to move forward with the session. It was outdoors, before the gardens would be too heavily populated, and involved minimal contact. We both had hand sanitizer, too.

I'm glad we were able to capture this moment of their life. So many couples are not as lucky as photography sessions across the country are being canceled due to lock downs and the severity of the virus. Pregnancy is a fleeting moment and its important to me that my clients are able to freeze this moment.

This couple exudes joy. They were laughing with each other the entire time. They even went along with my prompts, which can sometimes be silly. It was a wonderful session despite what was happening in the world. I hope when they look back at these photos, they remember their happiness and love for each other.

I cannot wait to meet their little boy. He is lucky to grow up with such a loving family and amazing parents. I wish them health and happiness during this time. Hopefully I'll be able to see them again soon during an in-home newborn session!


If you're expecting, I may not be able to offer a maternity session for a while due to Covid-19 concerns. However, depending on your due date, an in-home newborn session may be available this Fall. Feel free to email inquiries to


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