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Have a Merry Little Christmas

I know it's February, but I'm still catching up on sharing all my sessions from last fall. So enjoy a little Christmas in February!

My family sessions focus on you and your loved ones so I don't incorporate props (beyond maybe a blanket), even during my mini sessions. But if you want to bring a set up that is totally fine with me! And this family did just that. In fact they brought a lot of items but decided to keep it simple in the end.

I don't recommend bring a lot of props to a mini session, however. You'll spend your entire session setting up. So if you'd like to incorporate a sign, foliage, a banner or pretty blanket hanging from a tree, or anything else your heart desires, you'll need a full session.

This growing family booked a full hour, brought a wagon of possible Christmas props, and of course Grandma to help with the set up and making baby boy smile. Once we got into the photo taking groove a sign was all they needed to add a little holiday flare to their photos.

Only other prop we incorporated into their session was for the photos of just their baby boy, for his first Christmas. An oversized ornament with their initial on it was enough to keep him fascinated, making for some adorable photos. He was such a happy boy. I had photographed his cousin, almost same age, the day before. His cousin is a very serious baby. They'll be a great duo as they get older!

Also, if you bring a family member for behind-the-scenes help, I will most likely snag a photo of them holding your kid(s) just for them. Because photos with aunts/uncles and grandma/grandpas are always special. But I won't share those images on my website or social unless I have a signed model release.

Did you know that I deliver black and white copies of all the images I deliver? There are a few reasons why I do this. I know many photographers would be shocked by this because, some photos just look better in black and white, so its an artistic decision to deliver a black and white over a color. But, I like to deliver both and let my clients decide which they prefer, or even recognize that an image is more magical in black and white. And, by me editing your images for my clients, it saves them the hassle of trying to figure out how to turn their favorite color image black and white.

The other reason why I like to deliver black and whites is because it instantly turns all of your images into timeless photos. For example, this family wore very wintry style clothing with their holiday cards in mind. But their black and white images lose that holiday feeling to them and will look great displayed in your home year round.

Plus, I like to think that color photos excite our senses whereas black and white photos evoke our emotions.


Are you ready for more family photos as Spring time gets closer? Warmer days and later sunsets creates lots of opportunities for fun family photos. Fun filled times at park, playing in a river, going to the lake, or hiking Enchanted Rock are perfect ways to celebrate spring's arrival. Photographing these adventures is a great way to preserve the memories, too.

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