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Milestone Session: 6 months

How often do you take family photos? Do you schedule your photos around holidays, milestones, birthdays, the school year? I think all of these occasions are cause for having your family photos taken. You actually don't even need a reason or special occasion. But if you're looking for a reason to schedule photos of your kids, think about the different milestones they reach as they grow up.

Your kids reach many milestones from the time their born until they're 1 years old. Each one being an opportunity to capture them as they are in that moment and the little things they have learned to do. Whether they are a few weeks old or a few months old, each stage of their life is important and unique. And they grow up fast, so why not freeze a moment of it?

This family signed up for my Holiday Mini session when their little girl was only a few months old. At that age, babies are still a little fussy and not always willing to smile, especially on command. No matter how hard we tried, she was not amused during her 15 minute photo session. The result was lots of photos giving some serious side eye and confused looks (mostly at the woman wearing a mask hiding behind a camera). And though those faces were true to her in that moment of her life, her parents were looking forward to the age where she'd be all giggles and smiles.

At 6 months, she was ready for another photo session filled with just that: lots of smiles and giggles.

We set up a little mat (from Gathre) for her to sit on with her adorably coordinated toys and let her be herself. Her parents helped get those precious smiles with silly noises, playing with her, and showering her with love.

Looking forward to capturing more milestones with this little girl and her adoring parents!


Are you ready to book a photo session for your upcoming milestone? Check out my services page and book your session today to celebrate!


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