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New Job Photo Shoot

During a time when a lot of people are no longer working or in limbo because their workplace is shut down temporarily, it may seem odd to share a photo shoot celebrating a new job. But as someone in this boat, I want to stay optimistic and remind people that better times are ahead.

In fact, if you start a new job after this time period, let me help you celebrate with a photo shoot! Or if you're just glad to be back at work and want to show your excitement to be back in the office, let me share in that excitement with you! If you're a small business owner, let's celebrate in your space and capture your joy during a session.

This photo shoot was quick and fun and celebrated something, and I think we could all use a session like this in the months to come.

Announcing a New Job to Your Coworkers

This photo shoot was all my client's vision and I loved being a part of it. Back in March (which feel like ages ago now) this lovely woman was about to start a new job with Via Metropolitan Transit. She wanted to announce her new job to her coworkers at Whataburger in a fun and lighthearted way. What better way to do than that with some photos showing where your next adventure awaits!

We met at the Via station near North Star Mall on a foggy, humid morning. It was also early morning so there was less traffic and people around. It wasn't just early, it was Spring Forward early. That's dedication to a photo shoot in my book (since I'm not a natural early riser).

(If you're thinking about timeline, yes this photo shoot was about a week after a Covid-19 patient was released too soon and they went to the Mall. Then the mall had to be shut down for cleaning. But we were fine.)

Before the session, she picked up some breakfast from Whataburger as her prop. I love the shots of her holding the bag in front of the station. Another favorite is the candid shots of her laughing because sometimes doing a photo session in public can feel weird and it is OK to laugh about it. In fact, I encourage it!

We threw in some more traditional headshots before we ended with one more fun photo idea. I noticed the digital sign announcing buses said "Arriving" in between the times and bus numbers. I tried my best to capture a photo of her under the sign. Unfortunately, moving lights are difficult to photograph sometimes so I recreated it with my limited Photoshop skills. What do ya think?

I'm so glad I was asked to capture this milestone for her and to help her announce her news to coworkers in a fun way!

My thoughts go out to everyone who is working from home, or in whose job is up in the air during this time. Sending positive vibes to you all as we navigate these weird times and looking forward to when things get back to normal (or a new normal).


If you think going to need or want new headshots or personal branding photos when quarantine is over and it is safe to be together again, book your session now. I'm still accepting bookings for the fall. It will be nice to have something to look forward to and a way to treat yourself!


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