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Newborn Sessions: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Jan 18

When my clients book a newborn session with me, I send them a lot of information on how to prepare for their newborn photos. From wardrobe, to locations in their home, to what they can expect, to suggestions on wardrobe. But sometimes you want to know this information before you inquire, while you're early into your pregnancy, so you can do as much planning ahead of time or to make sure I'm the right fit for you.

In this post you'll find some of my most frequently asked questions about newborn photography sessions.

lifestyle newborn photo by Oh Tannenbaum Photography

When is the best time to book maternity and newborn photo sessions?

First, let's clarify what I mean by "book". This term can be used to mean two different things: (1) The act of hiring a photographer for your session and (2) the date of your newborn photo session. This means this question is a two-parter.

A) When is the best time to hire a photographer for newborn photos?

Most women wait until after their first trimester to book maternity and newborn photos. Many photographers (including me) allow you to book both sessions at the same time (I provide a discount for those who choose this route). Hiring your photographer early into your pregnancy ensures that you make it onto your favorite photographer's calendar. A photographer will more likely be able to squeeze you in if you need to reschedule your newborn session date (due to delivery date changing) than to squeeze you in as a new client.

Far better to reschedule than to miss out newborn photos all together (especially if you want them done when your baby is itty bitty).

B) When is the best date or time frame for having your newborn photos take place?

This will depend on your photographer and style of images you're hoping to have taken of your newborn. For posed newborn photos where it is just your baby alone, asleep, on a pillow, you're likely going to book your session within the first two weeks of birth. That's because they are sleeping most of the time and your photographer will be able to safely pose them without your baby moving around too much.

For my lifestyle newborn photos sessions, your baby spends the maj