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Nicole & Jorge's Engagement

Engagement sessions are all about YOU and who you are as a couple. Every engagement session is different because every couple is different. Your session is tailored for you from the locations, wardrobes, time of day, and activities.

Engagement photos are more than just the pictures you use on Save the Dates or a wedding website. They are a celebration of you as a couple before you say I Do. It's an opportunity to capture your personalities, what makes you great as a couple.

What you do doing your session and where you take your pictures is up to you! Find a place that means something to you. Incorporate something you love doing together. Show off your love and personalities.

Nicole & Jorge are Getting Meowied!

Jorge wanted to include their cats in their engagement photos so they could use the word "Meowied". I love a good play on words so I was all for it. Cats are definitely trickier than dogs, so we went into this with absolutely no expectations. As long as the cats didn't escape, I would be happy.

For those wanting to include their feline friends, here were my suggestions:

  • Bring an extra pair of hands to help. From getting the cats in and out of carriers, to distracting them to taking them back home, its definitely helpful to have a friend or family member present to watch after the cats.

  • Either start or end the session with the cats - this is where the helps really comes in handy. You don't want to worry about your kitties in their crates during your 2 hour photo session. Having someone bring them home after or showing up with them at the end will help keep everyone happy.

  • Have kitty treats. Not all cats like to be held (even the ones who do like to choose when to be held or not) so having some treats in your hand during photos will help keep them happy.

  • Bring a lint roller. If you're starting the session with cats (or dogs), you'll definitely need to remove some fur from your clothing.

The one thing we weren't prepared for with cats? One of them having an accident in their carrier during the drive to the session. She was scared during the car ride and went tinkle. Luckily there was a towel in their car to wipe her down with and wrap her in during the photos. Poor kitty.

It could have been a CATastrophe. But other than that hiccup, photos with their purrty cats was a success!

Landa Library

This bride-to-be wanted elegance with a mix of playfulness. She loves loves loves the Royal Family, especially the Duchess, so I drew some inspiration from Will & Kate for a few of their photos. Landa Library here in San Antonio was also a great backdrop choice to achieve some elegance. With its architecture and landscaping, it was the perfect match for her vision.

The Hot Wells Hotel Ruins

My engagement sessions include two hours, plenty of time for a location and wardrobe change. For their second location, this couple chose the Hot Wells park on the southside of San Antonio. This former resort became a park only a few years ago. The remaining architecture and backstory make this a unique backdrop for a San Antonio couple's photos.

We chose this to be our 2nd location because there isn't a lot of tree coverage or shade surrounding the building. Since it was nearly 100 degrees out when we took this photos, it was crucial to have them done later in the evening, as close to sunset as possible. It's actually a great spot for sunset photos during the months when the sun sets along the river. If it wasn't so hot out when we had their session, we probably would have ventured down to the river for more photos. Instead, we popped some bubbly and sat in the grass for more relaxed photos.

This was my 2nd visit to the Hot Wells and first time having a photo session there. I'm so glad they picked this spot and cannot wait to return with another couple or family.

White Dress: Eloquii

Heels: Dior

Makeup By @misscyn7


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