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Not-so-Newborn Photo Session

One of the best things about having a newborn photography session in the comfort of your own home is that you don't need to worry about the weather. Whether its sunny, hot, freezing, or raining, you can still have your session as planned. The only thing that will change is the lighting.

This family's not-so-newborn photos took place on an overcast morning. I arrived when it was misting out (which was not in the forecast). There was still plenty of light pouring through their nursery windows, but an overcast day meant they got to spend a lot of time by those windows. It also meant, I positioned them in places where they may not have planned. For instance, on the floor. I also moved some of their furniture around so they could sit in the light.

Their little girl was 7 weeks old when they had their photo session. Your baby does not need to be 2 weeks old to have a newborn session. They can several weeks to a few months old! Each stage is beautiful and unique. At this stage, babies eyes are wide open. That means you get a lot of photos of them looking at you and at the camera. And boy did this little one have some beautiful, big eyes.

A Baby Girl's Best Friend

Part of why my newborn sessions are longer than my other services is so that your family won't feel rushed. It allows time for baby to be fussy, to be fed, to have their diaper changed, yes, but it also allows time for you to be relaxed and take in the moment.

During their session we spent time soothing their baby girl, repositioning furniture, and training their puppy. That's right. They had the cutest, fluffiest, puppy who was very excited to meet somebody new. It was January, before things had really opened up, before people were gathering together again. That meant their little one, as well as their puppy, had yet to meet a lot of people. When I arrived their dog was very excited. He whined and whined because he wanted to be a part of everything. (I also have a talkative dog so it didn't bother me one bit). So, we spent several minutes when I arrived just letting their dog get used to me and my presence. When we changed rooms, we did the same. Throughout their photo session we would find times to incorporate their adorable puppy.

By taking our time we were able to take several photos with their dog and of their little girl with her new best friend.

Nursery Details

I always like to take a few photos of the nursery. If you spend time decorating your little one's room, I want to spend time appreciating that. I want to document it for you because as your kid grows up, their room will change. I know these photos probably won't get framed or even printed in an album, but they are there for you to look back on and recall what their room looked like when you first brought them home.


Are you expecting and want to book your newborn photos? Or do you already have a newborn and want to book some 'not-so-newborn' photos? Email me at or fill out a booking form today!

Let's capture these precious moments so you can cherish them forever.


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