One year Later

It's hard to believe that one year ago I was photographing this little girl's newborn photos. Her family (not just mom and dad but aunts and uncles) are near and dear to me because they are some of my first clients. Emersyn was my second ever newborn session! It brings me such joy that families like theirs keep coming back to me to photograph their love for another and the journey they are on as their family grows.

Emersyn has grown into an independent, active one year old. She was ready to move the moment we arrived at Cibolo Nature Center. With so much to see and explore, why would we just want to sit or stand in one place?? But as you can see, it is totally okay if your little one is active.

Some of my favorite images are when babies/toddlers are taking wobbly steps or crawling towards something that catches their eyes. Parents holding their tiny hands as they walk proudly is always a great moment. It's a moment that won't last long. Photos are a great way to have a lasting image to help you recall not just the memory of holding your baby girl's hand, but how it felt to have their little fingers clasped in yours.

Have a squirmy baby in your arms? No problem! Not only will I take photos as you laugh at their determination to set themselves free, but it offers an opportunity to play. I ask parents to "fly" their kids in the air by tossing them up and catching them, or turning them into an airplane with sounds and all. Whatever fun movements that make them giggle is always welcome. And if they decide they aren't in the mood. That's okay, too. I have no expectations for how they should or not behave during your session. I love all the moods.

I am drawn to the documentary style of photograph. Using my camera to capture how families are naturally, in real life. This means every session is different because every family is different. I may start out with similar poses but you, the family, make it unique to you.