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Sophia's Newborn Sessions

I had the pleasure of photographing this couple's maternity shoot in early April, before shelter-in-place began. We practiced social distancing and successfully captured their first pregnancy among the bluebonnets.

A few months later the shelter-in-place was lifted and businesses were reopening in time for me to photograph their little girl's newborn photos in their home. In fact, I visited their home twice to take photos of their first baby, Sophia. This girl is going to be showered with love.

The first session took place a few weeks after she was born. The second session took place when she was nearly one month old. She had already grown, had more hair, was more awake, and was very wiggly. But she was still a sleepy baby who loved being held in her parents' arms.

Nursery Details

I love seeing how people decorate their child's nurseries. Each family has their own style for their little one and many choose a theme for the room. So far everyone's chosen neutral colors with colorful accents, which I'm a huge fan of since its very practical. Once they hit pre-teen and teenage years they'll want something different anyways, so I like it from a practical standpoint. But all the accents and decor in these rooms are SO CUTE.

Baby Sophia has lots of flowers, pink, and -my favorite- animals. She has a rocking unicorn! (My rocking horse was made of wood, not nearly as fun as this one). The Koala curtain ties are both adorable and genius! I like to take a few pictures of the room's details before a session begins, so if you ever want photos of something in particular, let me know. Here, it was all of her bows & headbands. She is going to be one stylish baby girl.

These babies have better rooms than me.

The Whole Family

This was my first attempt at including dogs in the session. Technically I tried at my last in-home newborn session but it was more of a "if he cooperates, we'll include the pup" so we managed to get one or two. Here it was the plan to have all three furbabies on the bed for photos.

I'm glad I have a squeak toy in my camera bag for such occasions. It came in handy. Aren't these pups the cutest? Such good boys.

First Bath

Sophia and I shared a first during her photo session. For her it was her first bath, for me it was my first to capture bath time. It was her parents' first time, too, so we all learned together.

If you ever want to document an activity with your baby, let me know and we'll make it happen. I love documenting families and capturing how you are naturally.

"Front Porchtraits"

When Covid-19 started earlier in the spring, "front porchtraits" was sweeping the nation. It was a way to document what was going on in our world and created an opportunity for families to be outside of their house, put on real clothes, and see another person (from a safe distance). I volunteered to photograph families in my neighborhood but then shelter-in-place orders occurred so I suggested not doing them in the end. Only one family was interested at the time anyways, so I never got to join the movement.

But I got to take some during this newborn session! Actually I did it twice. During our first session, which was in the morning, the sun was so bright and was shining directly on their front porch so when they had me come back for a second round of photos, we did a do-over for the front porch photos. This time it was in the afternoon and the front porch was nice and shady for them.

Even though new-born session are in-home, they don't have to stay IN your home. If you have a spot in your backyard or front yard where you'd like to take some photos, let me know!

This was how we ended our session. It was nice and hot and a great end to our time together.

Now that they've shown these images to their family and friends, I can now share with you!


To book your in-home newborn session, click here.


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