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Children's Portraits

Photo sessions designed to capture your child's personality and spirit.

A Child Portrait session is perfect for photographing milestones, big or small, that your child is celebrating. 

You can book a session when they are around 3 months old and sitting up on their own, to celebrate the 6 month mark, or plan a cake smash session for their 1st birthday. 

Book a photo session around their birthday to capture how much they've grown since their last photo session and freeze this moment in time. 

A Child Portrait session doesn't need a big momentous ocassion. Did they loose their first tooth? Do you love their current interests and want to photograph them enjoying their favorite things? Book a session at any time!

My Child Portrait Session is 30 minutes long at a location of your choosing. My style of photography leans heavily on storytelling. I don't make your child sit perfectly or smile if they don't want to. If you kid is shy, I let them be shy. If they are energetic, we'll run around and play together. If you child loves to explore, we'll explore our surroundings. The 30 minutes we spend together is all about showcasing their personality so I let them be themselves. 

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