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To help you plan your next photo session, here is a list of locations where I have previously had sessions. You can choose from this list or suggest another location you have in mind. See the end for some locations on my "bucket list".



Address: 310 W Mitchell St, San Antonio, TX 

Best time of Day: Morning or Evening Golden Hour

Best time of year: Spring and Fall 

Fees: None

Pros: Offers a variety of backdrops in a small area, a mix of urban and natural elements, and signature architecture unique to SA. There's also a parking lot.

Cons: There is occasionally events or yoga occurring under the pavilion on the weekends

Need to Knows: Kids may be tempted to get into the river



Address: 8400 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX 

Best time of Day: Morning or Evening golden hours

Best time of year: Any time of year

Fees: None

Pros: There is a large parking lot within walking range, beautiful golden colors, great spot for sunset

Cons: Very busy during October - November

Need to Knows: Grass is itchy so best to bring a blanket or ask for me to provide one


Walker Ranch

Address: 12603 West Ave, San Antonio, TX

Best time of Day: Evening 

Best time of year: All year

Fees: None

Pros: Beautiful foliage and light and a bridge for great backdrops without venturing far from your car

Cons: Small parking lots are usually full because its a popular park for exercising, photography, and kids

Need to Knows: Its a very popular spot (for good reason) in the Fall for family photos


Cibolo Nature Center

Address: 140 City Park Rd, Boerne, TX 

Best time of Day: Mornings

Best time of year: All year

Fees: $20 photo permit (included in session fee)

Pros: Beautiful fields, pathways, and creek offer stunning backdrops year round. Bathrooms

Cons: Very popular spot for photos, especially in the evenings, and crazy busy during November 

Need to Knows: Small parking lots are available but fill up fast in the evenings during fall.

Botanical Gardens

Address: 555 Funston Pl, San Antonio, TX

Best time of Day: Morning

Best time of year: All year

Fees: $195 photo permit (paid by client on day of session) will be required for photography (7 ppl max)

Cons: Very steep photography fee

Need to Knows: Sessions begin based on opening and closing times. As of 2022, this location is best choice for longer sessions


Joshua Springs

Address:716 FM 289, Comfort, TX

Best time of Day: Evening

Best time of year: Year round

Fees: None

Pros: Large parking, bathrooms, several backdrop options with the river and grassy hill

Cons: Can't swim in the river

Need to Knows


Park near Canyon Lake

Address: Provided upon booking to keep park location discreet

Best time of Day: Evening

Best time of year: Year round

Fees: None

Pros: less crowds 

Cons: very limited parking and in a neighborhood

Need to Knows


Enchanted Rock

Address: 16710 Ranch Rd 965, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Best time of Day: Sunrise or Golden Hour/ Sunset

Best time of year: Fall through Spring

Fees: $8 per vehicle

Pros: Parking, unique to hill country, beautiful scenic views

Cons: Requires a permit - must purchase 30 days ahead of session - no earlier

Need to Knows: Hill is steep, dogs not allowed on Hill. 


Crescent Bend 

Address: 12780 W Schaefer Rd, Cibolo, TX 

Best time of Day: Evenings

Best time of year: All year

Fees: none

Pros: Lots of fields, trails, and access to River 

Cons: Very busy during the fall on weekends

Need to Knows: Only a few parking spots available within park. Best for weekday evenings or mornings on weekends


Park in Heltoes

Address: a Secret until you book

Best time of Day: Evening 

Best time of year: year round

Fees: $40 photo permit, paid by client

Pros: small, somewhat hidden natural area, there is a hike to an overlook

Cons: Very few parking spaces (hence my keeping location secret)

Need to Knows: There is a bumpy dirt road when you enter. Portapotty is available

mommyandmesessions_Oh Tannenbaum Photogr

Essex Modern City

Address: 51 Essex St, San Antonio, TX

Best time of Day: Morning or Evening, within business hours M-F only

Best time of year: All year

Fees: none

Pros: Best location for graffiti and murals without worrying about traffic 

Cons: Weekends are not available, after operating hours require a fee

Need to Knows: Some days may be unavailable if they are hosting events or closed for maintenance

SaintAsan_Personal Branding_OhTannenbaum
SaintAsan_Personal Branding_OhTannenbaum


Click here

to view studio options in

San Antonio

Keep in mind that Studio Sessions will be dependent on availability at your preferred studio location. 


McNay Art Museum

Address: 6000 N New Braunfels Ave, San Antonio, TX

Best time of Day: Morning 

Best time of year: All year

Fees: $30 photo permit paid by client

Pros: Beautiful building surrounded by gardens and sculptures

Cons: Evenings are very popular for bridals so getting spots with good lighting may require patience

Need to Knows: Only outdoor photography is allowed. Special permission is required for inner courtyard access


J Street Trailhead

Address: 3500 J St, San Antonio, TX 

Best time of Day: Evening

Best time of year: Spring and Fall

Fees: None

Pros: Spanish moss hanging from the trees

Cons: Just need to watch out for cyclists

Need to Knows: It's a small stretch of the trailhead so most images will be taken on the path, bridge, and near the path


Landa Library

Address: 233 Bushnell Ave, San Antonio, TX

Best time of Day: Evening golden hour

Best time of year: Spring and Summer

Fees: None - a permit is required with 10 days advance notice

Pros: Elegant backdrop

Cons: Small space

Need to Knows: No photos are allowed indoors. There is a small parking lot


Bullis County Park

Address: 27583 Old Blanco Rd,

San Antonio, TX 78260

Best time of Day: Golden Hour/ Sunset

Best time of year: Spring

Fees: $0

Pros: Parking, wildflowers in spring

Cons: Its a bit small, closes early (must park outside gate)

Need to Knows: Park closes at 6 pm year round


Valerie Marie Greenhouse

Address: Private Property on southside of

San Antonio, TX 

Best time of Day: Golden Hour/ Sunset

Best time of year: Spring and Fall

Fees: $75/hr

Pros: Privacy, greenery year round

Cons: Availability is limited

Need to Knows: Changing room available but no bathroom


Hot Wells

Address: 5503 S Presa St, San Antonio,

TX 78223

Best time of Day: Evening or Morning

Best time of year: Year round

Fees: None

Pros: Parking, unique to SA, restrooms, close to the River

Cons: Not a lot of shade

Need to Knows: Bug spray is recommended



Address: Brick and Blue Star Arts Complex

Best time of Day: Hour after Sunrise or Golden Hour/ Sunset

Best time of year: Year round

Parking: The lot is for customers and fills up quickly so be prepared to buy a coffee or stay for dinner or park on the streets

Pros: Urban feel with access to the San Antonio River and King William neighborhood

Cons: Can be busy 

Need to Knows: Can be distracting for young kids but also lots of things to see and explore 


Canyon Lake

Over Look Park Address: 601 Coe Rd, Canyon Lake, TX 78133

Comal Swimming Park Address: 1178 Comal Park Rd, Canyon Lake, TX 78133

Best time of Day: Golden Hour/ Sunset

Best time of year: Year Round

Fees: $8 per vehicle

Pros: Lake, Grass and Tree backdrops beautiful scenic views, perfect for summer sessions

Cons: Limited parking

Need to Knows: Hill is steep to reach rocky beach, trails are steep and rocky, must leave before blue hour


Stone Oak Park

Address: 20395 Stone Oak Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78258

Best time of Day: Golden Hour

Best time of year: Year Round, preferably during the slow season for photography

Fees: Free

Pros: urban field with trails on the northside, minimal walking required 

Cons: small parking lot usually occupied by hikers, small field

Need to Knows: two entrances to park, will provide correct entrance upon booking


Guadalupe River State Park

Address: 3350 Park Rd 31, Spring Branch, TX 78070

Best time of Day: Golden Hour

Best time of year: March - September

Fees: $7 per vehicle

Pros: Ability to get into the river during warmer months

Cons: Can be busy in the summer months

Need to Knows: There is a fee to enter, lots of rocks so need good footwear


Eilan Hotel & Shops

Address: 18603 La Cantera Terrace, San Antonio, TX 78256

Best time of Day: Golden Hour

Best time of year: Year Round

Fees: Free

Pros: City scape with a European vibe

Cons: Busier in the evening when the lighting is best

Need to Knows


Location Bucket List

I'm looking for a family or couple to join me at one of these locations! Will you be the first to explore a new location with me?


*I may give a discount if you are the first to choose & have your session take place at one of these locations marked with a *. To receive a discount, you must sign a model release. If you choose a location not marked with a * and sign a model release, you may be allotted more time for your session at no extra cost.


San Antonio

Location: Courthouse & Plaza, Market Square, San Pedro Creek Culture Park

Medina or Boerne Lake*

Must be willing to get in the lake in summer


Location: Lakehills, Texas

San Antonio

Location:  Neighborhood near Rosario's/ Liberty Bar/ Good Kind

West Texas*

Location: Big Bend, White Sands, Marfa, etc.

A green House

Locations: Private Properties in and around SA

The Bulverde Greenhouse

The Beach*

Location: Corpus to Port A

A Note on Other Locations

The Pearl

This favorite hangout spot in San Antonio has a lot to offer for photos but it's not a good fit for most sessions. This spot is best for individual portraits or couples photos. I will also only do sessions at this location on weekday mornings or weekday evenings that do not conflict with a market or event occurring at the Pearl. Since it is such a popular spot, it has become too crowded for majority of sessions. It can also be extremely distracting for children.

San Antonio Missions (not the Alamo)

The Missions are an iconic backdrop for sessions but there are a few Need to Knows before you settle on this option. First sessions are only allowed between 9 am and 4:30 pm, when the sunlight is harsh. Second, you need to apply for a permit at minimum two weeks in advance. The permit fee costs $50 and is non-refundable. There is an additional $50 for the location (this number is subject to change). These costs will be included on your invoice as I will need to submit the application as the photographer. Lastly, if there is a wedding or event happening on the day of your session, you cannot have a session. The park will notify me when your application is being processed. 

The Alamo does not allow portrait photography except for special events. 

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