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Newborn Sessions

Newborn Sessions with Oh, Tannenbaum Photography take place in the comfort of your home. In my lifestyle, baby-led type of sessions, your newborn is in your arms for the majority of the session. The flow of the session depends on how your baby is feeling. If they are sleepy and content, we can do photos of baby sleeping naturally in their crib. If baby is hungry, we let them nurse. If they are awake, you hold them lovingly in your arms.

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions with Oh, Tannenbaum Photography can be scheduled anytime after your baby is 14 weeks old. Since I do not pose your newborn in any particular way, your baby does not have to be within a certain age range. Posed sessions require your baby to be younger so that it is easier to pose them (and requires a photographer with skill, knowledge, and experience on how to perform those poses safely). For my sessions, your newborn can be awake, nursing, crying, sleeping, moving, or swaddled by you. 

This means your newborn session can take place anytime between 14 days old and 4 months old. One of the best reasons to book a session when your newborn is older is that they are usually wide awake. And that's a good thing. The will spend their session looking at you. They'll laugh, make faces, and watch you which makes for adorable photos. 


Are You Expecting?

Book your newborn session today! My lifestyle newborn sessions occur after your baby is 14 days old and in the comfort of your home. 

If you haven't already had maternity photos taken, book a Bump to Baby package and save! 

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Newborn Sessions with Siblings