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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is your pricing?

A: My pricing can be found here. I break down my services by types: couples, families, adventure sessions, weddings, and events. Pricing for these services vary depending on amount of time spent planning a session, the length of time for the session, distance traveled, amount of time required for editing, and whether permits are needed for the locations. My prices are subject to change. 

Q. What does that cover?

A: I am an all inclusive photographer which means I deliver all edited images. The fee you pay covers the time of your session and all images delivered. 

Q: Do you sell prints, canvases, and albums?

A: Prints, canvases and other products can be purchased separately straight from your gallery. Images are printed with Miller's Lab and mailed directly to you, the client.​ 

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: The only discounts I offer are for referrals. If you refer a friend and they book a session, you will receive a discount that can be applied towards your next session. Discounts do not apply to mini sessions. 


Q: What types of touchup edits do you offer?

A: I do light touch ups. For example, I brighten eyes, whiten teeth, lighten dark circles under eyes, remove blemishes or scratches on baby's faces, remove the occasional flyaway hair. 

I do NOT 

  • Make you look thinner (in face or body)

  • Remove all flyaway hairs from every image

  • Remove wrinkles 

Q: Can I ask for additional edits once I receive my gallery?

A: You may ask, but I will likely say no. All delivered images are final edits. If there is something you would like changed I may give permission for you to send the image to an editing company. This will depend on the type of edit you are requesting.


Q: How many images do you deliver?

A: I do not promise a set amount of images, nor do I limit the amount of images I deliver in your gallery. Instead, I deliver all edited images from your session. The size of my galleries vary depending on the type of session, number of people, location's variety, and how well children/dogs cooperate. My galleries for full sessions are almost always over 50 images. I also send Black and White copies, for your convenience.

Q: How do you send images?

A:  I deliver digital images via the website, ShootProof. You can view your entire gallery online, download all digitals, and purchase prints through this platform.


Q: When do you deliver images?

A: Within 2- 6 weeks from the date of your depending on type of session.

Q: Why does it take 2-6 weeks to deliver my images?

A: My turnaround time for your gallery depends on two things: the type of session and how many are in my editing queue. A family session takes less time to edit than a wedding. A headshot session takes less time than a family session. My editing queue is longest during "busy season" (October - December). 

Q: Can I get my images quicker?

A: Yes and No. I am usually faster than 2 weeks outside of "busy season" but I cannot guarantee a specific turnaround that is shorter. One never knows what will happen in life that will derail my ability to edit. Also, I do not like to offer a quicker turnaround when I have an editing queue. But, on occasion, I will offer a $75 expediting fee for those who need their images faster. This is offered only at my discretion. 


Q. Do you provide props during your sessions?

A: No.


I do, however, have blankets that I can provide. I have a red blanket perfect for holiday photos. I also have a grey blanket perfect for any photo session. Another option I have is a tan faux leather mat for a warmer, more natural look for your photos. (I am not offering these during Covid-19 pandemic)

If you would like to include props in your session, you may do so. Please keep in mind that sessions are only an hour long and additional time for setting up props will not be provided. 


Q: Do you provide newborn accessories?

A: No.

Any props you see in my lifestyle newborn photos were provided by the family. I do not offer swaddles, headbands, pillows, blankets, or anything else you may want to dress your baby in or lay them on. 

Lifestyle newborn sessions are all about you and your baby. If you would prefer photos of your baby by themselves, surrounded by props, and professionally dressed I am happy to recommend another photographer to make your photo dreams a reality.


Q: Where do you offer sessions? 

A: I do not have a studio so my sessions take place outdoors at the location of your choice. There are some studios in San Antonio that I can rent upon request (rental fee paid by client). I have a list of options to choose from but am always open to new locations.

Q: Do you charge travel fees?

A: Yes, if your session takes place more than 50 miles outside of my San Antonio zip code, I charge 57 cents per extra mile. 

Mini Sessions

Q: Do you offer Mini Sessions?

A: Yes, I do! Subscribe to my website to be in-the-know when my next mini session will be.

Q: What do your mini sessions look like?

A: I offer 15 minute sessions at a location of my choosing. My 15 minute slots occur during a time of day of my choosing (usually morning or evening golden hours). I do not supply props such as couches, chairs, presents, signs, etc. I typically provide a blanket. I am an all inclusive photographer, meaning I deliver all edited images. This applies to my minis as well as my full sessions. 

Q: When do you offer Mini Sessions?

A: I offer a Holiday Mini Session in November (specific dates are announced on my calendar once they are set). I also offer other Mini Sessions during the year depending on my schedule and if I think there will be enough interest. For example, some sessions I may offer are around Mother's Day, Father's Day, and in the summer before school starts. But these don't happen every year. 

Q: Can I request a mini session at any time of year?

A: No. Mini Sessions are a limited time offer only. You might sign up for my designated mini session times. I do not offer them to one family only. The reasoning behind this is that a lot of work goes into a mini session (planning, communication, driving, editing, delivering, etc) so it is not worthwhile for a photographer to only do one 15 minute session. It is best to schedule 4-8 at one time at one location.


Q: Should I sign my family up for a mini session or a full one-hour session?

A: Here is a quick guide to help you decide if you should book a full session or see if you can snag a mini slot.

Mini Sessions are Great For:

  • Couples without children

  • Maternity Sessions with a First Baby

  • Families with one not-yet-mobile child

  • Parents with all children out of the toddler stage

  • Families who describe their children as ‘outgoing’ and ‘good listeners’ (don’t worry, I don’t describe my own children this way!)

  • Families who have worked with me before during a full session or multiple sessions in the past

Full Sessions are Better For:

  • Families with multiple children under the age of 4

  • Parents who would describe their child as ‘shy’, ‘slow to warm up’, ‘very active’

  • Clients looking for a very diverse gallery of combinations, backdrops, and poses (if you are like me and only like a handful of photos of yourself, a longer session will offer more variety)

  • Clients who want a specific location (I choose Mini locations)

  • Clients who are wanting a specific time of day (you run the risk of not getting the time you hope for when signing up for a mini)

  • Families with kids and a dog or with multiple dogs. Dogs are definitely welcome at minis but they add a difficulty factor

Q: How much does a Mini Session Cost?

A: My prices are subject to change. Please visit my Mini Session page. The price for my minis covers your session and all edited images. To secure a slot, payment must be made upfront. No exceptions. 

Q: How do I sign up for a Mini Session?

A: Visit my Mini Session page to find details for my latest Mini Session, including how to secure your slot.

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