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Bump to Baby

Capture your entire maternity journey with a variety of photo sessions! Announce your pregnancy with a photo session using props: signs, baby clothing, fun shirts, or your sonogram. If "gender" reveals are your thing, book it as a separate session as your announcement. (Please note, I don't do confetti or glitter in parks).

Once you're pregnancy s further along, book a maternity session to remember this special time in your life where you're carrying your little one. If you are expecting, book both your maternity photos and your newborn photo session at the same time! If you are worried about your baby being born too early or after your chosen date, don't worry! I am happy to reschedule to an earlier or later time that works with both our schedules. It is always better to book and need to reschedule than to miss your chance at getting on a photographer's calendar.

Here's an example of a couple who booked both their Maternity & Newborn session at the same time.

Maternity Session

In the fall, I met this couple at Hardberger Park on an overcast day for their maternity session. We had the park to ourselves and enjoyed a quiet, relaxing session. I try to keep all of my sessions simple and stress free, which is even more important for expecting parents. But, simple doesn't mean boring. I want my couples to have fun with each other, too.

When we wrapped everything up, they were able to go explore the new land bridge, too! I love when couples or families turn their photo session into an outing. It's a great way to turn photos into a date night.

Newborn session

When their little girl came a couple weeks early, we bumped their scheduled newborn session up a week before she grew more. Though newborn sessions can take place anytime between 14 days to 3 months (or more), many parents want to photograph their baby when they are within those first weeks and at their tiniest. So I was more than willing to meet them at their home earlier than planned.

We spent their session in nursery, making the most of the light shining through her window on another winter rainy day. But overcast skies add a layer of calmness to a newborn session. In fact, there was very minimal crying. Though she definitely did not like when she had to put on shoes. We'll see how she feels about shoes when she's older.

So Many Yawns

When she wasn't sleeping, she was yawning. I wish I had counted the number of yawns because I'm pretty sure she wins for the most at any of my newborn session. I only managed to capture a few of them. So sleepy.

Nursery Details

I enjoy taking photos of details in a nursery. There are two main reasons why I do this. First, it's something I do when I first enter a family's home for their newborn session. It gives the family time to finish getting dressed, feed baby, drink their coffee and takes off any pressure for them to be ready as soon as I arrive. I am for my newborn sessions to be stress free and this is one way I convey that.

Second, even though I know these images are not likely going to be the ones my families print for their walls or albums, they are still important. Kids' rooms change as they get older. Their wardrobe changes. The books you used to read to them, their toys, their colorful headbands all find their way into a box in a closet or the attic. They are donated to friends or goodwill. Photos of the items that were precious to your baby may be all that remain, aside from memories.

If you memory is anything like mine, they fade, too. But I find that the moments, people, and places that I have photos of are my strongest memories. When I look at a photo from a decade ago, the memory of that moment rushes back. So, I take pictures of paintings, books, stuffed animals, clothing in your home. Because sometimes they're more than just inanimate objects. They're part of your kid's future and eventually their past.


Are you expecting? Book photo sessions today and photograph your journey, bump to baby!

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