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A Christmas Surprise - this Family is growing

I love when my clients want to try something new with me. In this case it was having a session at Government Canyon. I've been there to hike several times, but have never done a photography session until this couple was up for it. It's a bit of a drive for those not living on the north side of San Antonio, and there's a small entrance fee to the park. But it offers a lot of beautiful spaces. The park covers 12,000 acres which means you don't see too many people during a session.

This couple wanted to include their three fur babies in the photo session (which is always okay with me). The small pup barks at other people and they wanted to take some photos without leashes on their very well trained dogs. I knew we could find an area off the trail and the park would be less crowded than other parks I know. Government Canyon only allows dogs in the front portion of the park, but it's still plenty of area to work with.

There was a short trek to the open area, but we factored that into our allotted time. They brought a wagon of stuff (see below) for the session so it took a little longer than (and felt longer) than it really was. But they were great sports about the whole thing. And in the end it all worked out great.

Special Announcement

Aside from having a photo for their Christmas card, this couple had a special announcement they wanted to make. I don't provide props for my regular sessions, but am fine if someone wants to provide all of that themselves. This is especially true for maternity or children's birthday photos. Having a sign or cute little baby shoes can be a nice touch.

Note: I do ask that my clients don't bring confetti or other items that can harm the environment. (I have done a gender reveal where they used confetti poppers but that was in their own backyard and they were going to clean that up after their party). Balloons need to be tied to a weight or someone's wrist and taken with you when we leave the session.

This couple brought everything you see in their photos. They packed up a wagon and pulled it down the trail, with their three dogs. Although we factored in the short hike, we did use some of their time to set up. If you bring props like these, you'll need to factor that in as well.

I'm so happy for these two and excited to take their maternity photos soon!

Who's a Good Boy?

These pups!

Their names are Gandolf, Tucker, and Tank. I love me a nerdy dog name. I myself have two. Indiana (as in the dog who Indiana Jones is named after) and Riker (that's right. Commander Riker from Star Trek).

My favorite part of this session was when one of the goldens went behind Heidi and Michael. When I told them to kiss, he golden thought I was talking to him. He started licking Michael's head. Which caused all of us to start laughing. Then he jumped over them, right between the two, to run up to me. What a goof ball.

They are very well trained dogs. I'd be nervous about letting my own dogs off leash in any park, but these guys stayed when they were told and never ventured too far from their owners. We also kept the leashes handy just in case.

Note: If your dogs don't know basic commands like sit and stay, a photo shoot with your dogs may be tricky. I'm still happy to include them, though! Your photos just may not look like this. And if you don't feel comfortable taking a leash of your dog (especially when most places don't allow it) then we will keep the leash on! I'll only remove the leash in photos where its easy to do so.

A Little Extra Time

Once we took their announcement photo with all the decor, and photos focused on momma-to-be, we used the remainder of the session to take more informal photos. We managed to squeeze in several before the sun dipped too low. We wanted to make sure we weren't hiking back to the cars in the dark.

Here's a few.

If you've had a session with me, you know that I only put my camera away at the last minute. I will use up all of your session or get in more photos that you probably thought possible. I am here to serve and produce images that you'll love.


Are you expecting a little one? Let's celebrate with an announcement photo session or maternity session! Plan your newborn session ahead of time! These are fleeting moments so let's capture them together.

Email me at if you have any questions. If you're ready to book check out my services here!


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