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Lifestyle newborn Photo Session with Senior Dogs

Photographing the bond between a family and their newborn during the first few weeks of bringing them home is always special. This moment is made even more special when their newborn photography session includes their pets. And recently my heart and mind have been on senior dogs as my own dogs age and one is nearing the end of his life with me.

During a recent newborn photography session, I had the pleasure of focusing on the beautiful bond between a baby and their parents (and big sister), but also including their senior dogs in the frame. It was a heartwarming experience, capturing the unconditional love and connection between all of them.

In lifestyle newborn photography, we aim to capture the genuine emotions and natural interactions between family members. Including a senior dog brings an extra layer of warmth and authenticity to one's images. Their presence showcases the evolving dynamics within a family.

For many families, their senior dog has been with them through major life milestones. They have witnessed the joys and challenges, offering comfort and support along the way. Including them in a newborn photo session not only highlights their role in the family but also serves as a beautiful tribute to their unwavering loyalty.

My newborn photography sessions take place in the comfort of one's house, which is the perfect backdrop to create and capture precious memories with aging pets. It's important to create an atmosphere that allows the family to relax and enjoy the session, as it fosters organic moments of love and connection. Being home also means it's easier to include your senior animals who may have mobility issues (whether it be their hind legs, eyesight, or anxiety in new spaces).

I recently had the pleasure of capturing two in-home family sessions that included senior dogs. We let the dogs come and go as they please and they usually picked a spot to lay down and there they stayed the entire time I was there.

One family even got a gift of some doggy underwear from. I had bought some for my own elderly pup from Chewy, but they were too small so they had been sitting in my car until I could donate them to a shelter. When I learned their dog had an incontinence issue, I said "let me go get my dog diapers for you."


Laura Tannenbaum is a lifestyle family and portrait photographer in San Antonio, Texas. She loves capturing real life, loving moments between loved ones and showcasing personalities. To learn more about Laura visit her About Page.

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