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Author & Educator, Kristen Henry, has a New Book

I met Kristen in the Junior League of San Antonio. She was paired as my mentor through the League's mentorship program. We shared a love of traveling and coffee as were both in the early stages of starting our own businesses. It's been a year since the program ended for us, but we still meet up regularly to chat about life, business, and the League.

This session wasn't my first time to provide my services to help her small business. She wrote and self-published her first book last year and did a book signing at a local bookshop. So I brought my camera along to take some photos for promotional purposes and to mark the occasion as she celebrated with friends and family who stopped by to purchase her book.

I was happy to help her business once again this summer as she prepared to publish her 2nd book! We ventured out in the summer heat, me with my mask on, and took several photos to fill the pages of her new book. Another friend who provided graphics for the book came along as well (also sporting a mask) to help with Kristen's vision and to just have fun. Cause we always do when we get together. Those are genuine smiles you see on her face!

Kristen is an education consultant. She has experience both in the classroom and as an administrator. In 2018 took a leap and started out on her own to help teachers across Texas.

If you work in the education field, check out her info below to see how she can help you this school year!

Interested in her new book, The Intentional Classroom? You can buy it now on Amazon. Click here!

Find out more about what Kristen Henry: Literacy Education & Instructional Leader has to offer!

Follow her on social media: @KHLiteEducation on Facebook and @khliteracyed on Instagram

Buy her first book Guiding Questions: Productive Conversations and Planning for Instructional Coaches, Administrators, and Teachers

Visit her website:


Find out more about Personal Branding sessions here.


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