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Baby Emersyn

Newborn sessions are becoming one of my favorite photography sessions. Being welcomed into someone's home, being present during an important stage in their growing family, and witnessing the love these parents have for their newborn is an amazing part of my job.

It's such a pleasure to be a part of clients' lives, from their maternity photos, to their baby being born, to the many family photos to come. What I love about lifestyle photography is that it captures these beautiful moments that happen naturally between couples and families. I try to create images that feel like a snapshot of life, like you're looking in on that moment. Hopefully, when my families look back at these photos, they'll be transformed back to this time.

Nursery Details

This little girl has the sweetest nursery set up. With inspirational quotes, books, and a good mix of soft and rustic touches, her room was perfectly suited to a life on a small ranch.

All of the little touches were so cute. Her parents used a calendar to mark her age. I loved this idea! You know exactly how many days old she was when these photos were taken. And in the corner was a sweet little swing. I wish I had a swing in my room growing up. She was of course too young to use the swing while I was there, but it's only a matter of time till she can sit up on her own and enjoy this corner.

Cozy winter morning

At the time of this shoot, Christmas was only a few weeks away. Their home was decked out for the holidays. It was also cold enough that morning for a fire, creating a cozy atmosphere for their photos. (So cozy that I went home and lit a fire in my own fireplace.) We took a few photos in the living room and in front of the tree, to mark her first Christmas. She changed into her holiday onesie, too.

It was a wonderful session and I'm so happy I was able to mark this amazing time in their lives with some beautiful photos they can cherish as their daughter grows up.


Are you expecting a newborn? If you'd like to have a lifestyle newborn session in the comfort of your home, select Newborn Session from my services! Fill out the form to book your session.

Have questions about lifestyle newborn photography? Send me an email at or check out this blog post.



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