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Branding Session with All Things Literacy

On a very humid Saturday morning, I met with Shelley Yeater of All Things Literacy at Brackenridge Park for her Personal Branding Photo Session!

Shelley is full of life and positivity. To reflect her cheerful disposition, I took several photos of her laughing. I wish I could say she was laughing at my hilarious wit, but our friend Abby Rayburn (According to Abby, marketing consultant) was the source of Shelley's laughter. It was such a pleasure working with Shelley. And she was such a trooper since it was a very hot and humid morning when we took this photos. When the shoot was over we all went out for a much deserving breakfast together!

Tell Me More About All Things Literacy

All Things Literacy is a sales hub for literacy resources for districts, campuses, and classrooms teachers all over Texas. Shelley can help clients get their district/campus/teachers/students on the right track by providing instructional materials, books, professional development or authors and speakers. She consults with districts and campuses to help them figure out what needs they have and support programs and resource implementation. Some of the books on display in her photos are examples of books in packages she provides to clients.

All Things Literacy's Mission Statement: At All Things Literacy, we truly believe that we cannot ask teachers and students to reach the high expectations we are setting for them without providing the best possible resources and support throughout any change or implementation of new ideas. Real results come from honoring the dedication and learning processes of all involved.

Find All Things Literacy

Shelley's Instagram @shelleyyeater


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