A Cake Smash Session Downtown

Children's portraits don't need a lot of fan fare, decorations, or props to be beautiful. The purpose of my lifestyle portrait sessions is to focus on your child: who they are, how they behave, their personality. Don't get me wrong. Decorations can be lovely and create a scene for photos, but they are not necessary. So if you don't know what to bring for your child's milestone session, don't sweat it. Your child is the only thing necessary. But when in doubt, a cake helps.

This family proved that all you need for fun photos is a simple cake, blocks and a hat to mark the occasion.

We met at the Historic Pearl District on a rainy weekday morning. Weekday mornings are perfect for this very popular spot in San Antonio because you don't have to fight the weekend crowd (from farmers market attendees to families playing in the park to brunch buddies) or the evening night life. It's also a popular area for photography. Even on this rainy morning there were 5 other photographers walking around with their senior grads in search for dry land.

If it wasn't such a gloomy, wet morning we likely would have set up at any number of beautiful spots along the river. But with the rain, we settled for a very industrial backdrop instead. And I love how they turned out! The contrast of this cute kid eating ice cream against metal works from an old brewery is perfect. The soft lighting from the overcast sky is magical.

Before we began we squeezed in a few family photos. The parents were all dressed up so why not take a few minutes to grab a photo with their birthday boy? It's a big day, so I encourage at least one photo with the parents. Though I may have gotten a little trigger happy and took way more than a few.

He is definitely a momma's boy. Until there was a cake in front of him, all he wanted to do was be held by his mom. And there's photos to prove his attempts to stay in her arms. He got to spend extra time with mom, too, while Dad had to go get the cake from the car. Woops.

There are a few reactions kids have when presented with their first cake. Indifference. They couldn't care less about what is in front of them and takes some encouragement from parents until they discover the true joy that is cake. Bewilderment. They know exactly what is in front of them and they are look around like "really? this is for me? I can eat this?". And then there's this little guy who had no hesitation whatsoever. before his parents were even out of the shot his hand was in the icing.