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Celebrating a 30th Birthday

For this amazing woman's 30th birthday, she wanted to feel like a goddess surrounded by nature.

What better way to celebrate turning another year older than having a photo session devoted to who you are at that moment in your life? It's a chance to embrace who you have become, how you feel, how you look, and the growth you are still trying to achieve.

I have yet to meet someone who hasn't enjoyed their 30s in comparison to their younger years. You feel more confident in who you are and begin to care less and less what other people think. You also no longer get carded, are treated like an adult, and get to enjoy the freedom that comes with being in your thirties. So why not treat yourself to photos every year during this decade of your life?

Your portrait session is all about you and your vision. It can be catered to your aesthetic. For this beautiful soul's portrait session, she wanted serene, natural, and warmth. She wanted trees and water and scenery to match her dress. We looked into a few spots with a creek, but ultimately landed on Cibolo Nature Center for its ease of access and lighting in the morning hours.

As she was embracing being one with nature on a calm weekday morning, I embraced working with different lighting. I played with shadows and direct sun. I used the sun's reflection off the water. I tried new angles and poses. It was a fun and creative morning for both of us.

How will you be celebrating your next year around the sun?

If you're interested in booking a portrait session, email me at or book a session by clicking here.

Portrait sessions are 30 minutes, but can be extended depending on your vision. Let's make some magic together and celebrate you!


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