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Katie & Daniel's Vow Renewal

I visited by hometown of Lake Jackson, Texas for the first time in nearly 7 years to photograph a friend's sister's vow renewal. I took my friend's One Year Anniversary photos here in San Antonio, and was honored he thought of me to photograph this very special occasion.

The vow renewal took place on Sunday, July 28th at 7 pm at a local pub. Brody's Blacksmith Shop in downtown Lake Jackson is closed on Sundays except for special events and private parties. The business was kind enough to donate the space for Katie & Daniel's vow renewal ceremony and party. Inside, a few tables were arranged for snacks, the cake, and to offer seating for those guests who needed it. A great feature at Brody's is the glass garage door separating the indoor and outdoor sections. By opening the door, the space doubled in size and allowed easy access to the patio where the ceremony took place.

The ceremony took place on the patio at Brody's. An oak tree provided a canopy and string lights added an ambiance as the sun began to set. Friends and family gathered around on all sides to witness these two renewing their vows. Not only were Katie and Daniel expressing their love for one another, they were sharing that love with their two children. Dot, in her mermaid fairy inspired dress, standing beside her mom. August, in his fashionable suit and cowboy boots, holding onto his dad's hand throughout the entire ceremony.

The ceremony, full of laughter and tears alike, ended with the couple walking hand in hand ready to start celebrating and spreading their love with friends and family. But first, we took some time to take photos of Katie with her "bridesmaids". These beautiful souls were not in her life when she married Daniel, so this ceremony was the perfect opportunity for these best friends to stand beside Katy during an important time in her life. They also took a picture with Katie's husband and love of her life, before we took family portraits.

The kids were ready to join the party, so they took off and we spent a few moments capturing portraits of just Katie and Daniel. This time is important. It's not just about taking photos to mark the occasion. It's about giving the Bride/Wife and Groom/Husband a few minutes alone to relish the moment, to be intimate with no one else around (besides me of course), and just breathe. These two needed no prompting from me to show their love for one another. Their love cannot be contained. So much so that they never let each other go.

After a few minutes of cuteness overload, these two were ready to rejoin their loved ones in the air conditioning (and where the cake and drinks were).

A vow renewal relives the best parts of one's wedding, from the ceremony to the partying with close friends and family. One tradition this couple relived was the cake cutting. (Did you know this tradition dates back to Roman times and used to signify the bride losing her virginity? Nowadays it symbolizes the first act the couple does together. I prefer this one.) Besides, what's a party without a cake? The cake was generously donated by The Local Kitchen, Market & Bakery.

Once the cake was cut, the rest of the evening these two mingled with their friends and family. Laughing, crying, eating, drinking, and a lot more laughing.

I am so grateful that Katie and Daniel allowed me to photograph their vow renewal and provide them with images that their kids can look back at years from now and see just how much their parents loved each other.


If you or a loved one is planning a vow renewal, elopement, or wedding, email me at to book me for the special day!


Flowers were donated by Carriage Flowers & Gifts.

Katie's hair was done by Cammy, @thecamillafinish, who I also went to high school with back in the day. If you love Katie's hair, you can find Cammy at Urban Eve Salon in Pearland, Texas.


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