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Newborn Sessions with Siblings

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Wondering what it's like to have a newborn session with other kids? Let me walk you through my process for a newborn session with siblings.

All of my newborn sessions are calm. More kids doesn't really change that. They may be talkative, energetic, or even have a meltdown, but to me the session is still calm. That's because I have no expectations for how you child will or should behave. It's one day for 1 1/2 hours. Knowing how your children will be feeling for that time is hard to predict. So if your kid is not in the best mood or wants nothing to do with the session, no need to apologize. I understand. And if they are in the best mood ever and want to be in every single photo, that's okay, too.

I don't expect your kids to participate in the entire session, either. An hour and a half is a long time for a kid. When they are in their own home, surrounded by their toys and other means of entertainment, they can get distracted pretty easily. It's also harder for them to distinguish between "we're having our photos taken now" with their normal routine. So, I fully expect to let kids come and go as they please.

Making photos fun is always a great way to convince kids to join in. Jumping on the bed is always a crowd pleaser. (Since I don't have a model release for the dad, those images are not pictured here.)

I don't have a set flow for my newborn sessions because it what pictures are taken when will depend a lot on baby's mood. For newborn sessions with siblings, this only slightly changes. When there are siblings, my only set flow for photos is that we attempt a family photo in the very beginning. With the family photo done, we can then take whatever photos flow naturally depending on how all the kids are feeling.