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A Rainy Day Maternity Session

On the morning of this couple's maternity session, I woke up to the pitter patter of rain. I immediately checked my weather apps (yes, I have two because you never know in Texas). Both said the rain was light and would stop by the time our session would begin. So, I said let's continue as planned especially since our entry tickets for the Botanical Garden were for a specific time. It was still drizzling on my drive to the gardens. Luckily the couple brought a nice large umbrella and I grabbed my clear one, just in case.

Every time it looks like rain I bring this clear umbrella, which I bought nearly 2 years ago. And every time I do the rain stops. It's like magic! (I feel the same way when I wear my rain boots) But this time the drizzle refused to stop for us until halfway through our session.

Always trying to find a silver lining, however, we made the weather work in our favor. We started in the back of the gardens by the lake. The trees were pretty good cover as the drizzle turned into rain droplets, we were able to use my umbrella in some photos (yay!) and we sought shelter for a few minutes in the log cabin by the lake. By the time we were done at the lake, the rain let up and we were able to enjoy the more open sections of the garden for the remainder of our hour together.

These two were so great considering the weather they were dealt Their love for each other and ability to laugh together was the only thing that mattered. It's always so nice when all you have to do is pose a couple or ask them to look at each other and they immediately start smiling, giggling, touching, filling my lens with emotion and love. You can see this so clearly in the photos of them walking through the desert section.

Her red dress, the greenery, the moody weather reminds me of winter photos more than fall. Perfect for Christmas cards! But, as you can see by the pumpkins, these were taken a few weeks before Halloween!

The other prop (besides pumpkins) to make an appearance is a little crown this couple brought. So precious. They're expecting their little princess in January and I cannot wait to meet her.


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