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This family has been on a journey. Their story begins with the decision to foster and adopt. This beautiful momma shares their story on her Instagram account under the handle @calledtofoster. You can learn a lot about the process they went through to become parents to a child in need, especially, if you're like me and don't know anything about what prospective parents need to prepare before they are approved to become foster parents. If you're interested in the fostering process, go check out her account.

After fostering two very lucky babies, this couple felt another calling: to try for a biological child. They were blessed with baby Sloane.

I first photographed this couple for their maternity session back when things were just starting to open again. We explored the Botanical Gardens (me with my mask on) on a warm summer morning. I'm so glad they invited me into their home once their little one was born for a newborn session. These two know how precious these moments are, and how fleeting. Babies grow so fast and change daily, so document it as much as you can. But don't just take photos of your little one. Be in the photos. Hold them. Smile down at them. Cuddle and kiss them. Shower them with your love in your photos. The emotions flowing through you as you hold your newborn should be remembered just as much as how tiny their toes were.

What I love is that many of the stuffed animals, dolls, and bows you see in this nursery were purchased or given as gifts when they were fostering. It's a reminder of how much love this couple has given to other babies in their home, and now to Sloane.

Did you spot the photo of dad sitting on the elephant rocker? I was busy photographing mom and baby when I looked behind me to make sure I didn't bump into the crib and there he was. Sitting patiently on the elephant. I couldn't help but snap a photo of him. Perfect behind the scenes moment. Shows just how chill I strive to have my newborn sessions. There's plenty of time to just sit back and watch the ones you love have their photos taken.


Did you recently have a baby and want to document these precious days? Or did you have a baby this spring and summer and miss out on having a photos? Schedule a newborn session today. Whether your baby is two weeks old, 3 months, or 8 months old, there's always time to document how your baby is right now. And there's something special to document at every age.



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