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Tips for Summertime Golden Hour Family Photos

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Summertime is not a particularly popular time for family photos here in Texas because of the heat, but it can make for some magical photos. The warm glow of the sun during golden hour on a summer day is beautiful. Its when you can capture your family among green grasses, flowers, or playing in a river or lake. Photos taken in summer evoke a different feeling.

But, summertime photo sessions come with challenges. First, the heat. It can get HOT here in San Antonio. From May until September, we can experience temps into the 100s, so the only options for photos outdoors are either early in the morning or late in the evening (preferably by a body of water). Second, the time of day. Those early morning sessions happen as close to sunrise as possible to utilize the soft light and cooler temps. Sunrise can be as early as 6:30 am. Being able to get everyone in your family up, dressed, and fed for a morning session can be a challenge. So an evening session is usually easier to manage during the summer months. The problem is that sunset can be as late as 8:45 pm during the summer months, way past many kids' bed times.

So how do you plan for your evening session in the summer when it doesn't start until 7 pm? Here are some tips to prepare and keep kids happy for your golden hour summer photo session!

(1) Alter Nap Time / Bed Times the week of your session

During the week leading up the your photo session push your kids' nap times and/or bed time slightly forward a little each day until they are accustomed to going to bed later in the evening. After your session, start pushing those times back to their normal time of day.