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Yoga Photo Shoot with Saint Asana

At the end of November, on a very chilly morning, I met with my friend for an out of the box headshot session. She wanted photos for her yoga instructor business. So instead of the traditional headshot poses, I had her show off her yoga poses.

A lot of yoga photos are take in serene landscapes. But life is chaotic. And a calm meadow is not her style. The Modern Essex in downtown was a perfect location to symbolize how yoga can center you amidst a less-than calm life.

The wind was blowing, trains were passing by, but otherwise it was quiet weekday morning at the Essex. We had the whole place to ourselves.

I helped pic locations and backdrops to fit her aesthetic, then left the posing up to her. I only made suggestion by using my body since I don't know any of the names. It's been far too long since I had done yoga so my form was not accurate at all. But she knew what I meant.

If you're interested in taking yoga classes with my friend, Melanie, as your instructor, you can find her at Transcend SA.

Check out the photos from her session!


Do you need headshots or photos for your business? Email me at to inquire whether a headshot session or a Personal Branding Session is the right fit for you and your needs.

Or book a session by visiting my services page on my website.



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